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Are you a Medium????

 Masterclass with Medium Patty Horton

September 11th, 7 pm to 10 pm

$40.00 to Attend

Let’s explore the different aspects of mediumship together and see where your strengths lie within the gift itself.

Patty is looking forward to teaching you that Mediumship is Multifaceted.....

She is going to assist you in a way that will shatter the paradigm that teaches you, mediumship can only be one way. It was through Patty’s own journey and years of studies, experimentation, and self-discovery that she found this to be true for herself. In this new era that we find ourselves within it becomes the perfect opportunity to break away from those old belief systems.

This is where you get to explore how mediumship has evolved throughout the ages. It is a great opportunity for the souls who harness the gift of mediumship to learn how to evolve along with it in the Age of Aquarius.

Let’s discover together

  • A clearer understanding of Mediumship
  • Where you are at in your own abilities
  • How the Clair’s play a part

Patty will teach you the difference between

  • Speaking for the discarnate souls
  • Speaking for the guides and teachers
  • What it means to be a Soul reader

This is the time to see, understand and navigate your own gift of mediumship and to know….

  • Is it birthed from the heart of the healer?
  • Is it my natural born ability?
  • Is it something that I desire to develop?
  • How do I develop it more fully?

Join Medium Patty Horton for this ground-breaking class on Mediumship and discover the Medium within you.

All levels are welcomed to the class yet we will be working with some advanced techniques during our time together….

What you will need for Class:

  • A journal and a pen to write with
  • An open mind and a loving heart

Cash or Credit is accepted at the door 

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No Refunds are offered All Sales are Final

Disclaimer for all classes is located at the bottom of web page

Psychic Tools of the Trade with Medium Patty Horton

September 25th, 7pm to 9pm

$30.00 to Attend

We all have tools that we are drawn to use throughout our development as we go on a journey of self-discovery.

Please know that it is the tools that you choose to use that will become the place card before those who choose to sit at your table.

This week you will dive deep into the use of tools i.e. the Tarot, Oracle Cards, the Pendulum, Dowsing Rods, the I-Ching and more. This is the week where you will learn to embrace the tools of your choice as you gain a deeper understanding of their place within your own lives and upon your chosen path.

You are invited to join Patty as she shares with you her years of expertise and opens you up to a brand-new perspective about the tools that you choose to use as you navigate an evolving pathway.

She will take you on a journey through guided mediation and tune you in on a deeper level of self-discovery. Guided mediation is one of Patty’s most treasured tools of the trade and it was through guided mediation that has assisted Patty throughout her own years of learning and self-discovery.

This week please bring your own tools that you use in your own practices as the doorway of sharing and exploration is the theme of this evenings classroom.

All levels are welcome to the circle as we all find common ground on which to stand upon.

What you will need for Class:

  • A Journal and a pen to write within
  • Your own Tools of the Trade
  • An open mind and a loving heart
  • The ability to work in a classroom setting

                                            There is a 4% Service Fee for all online purchases price at check out is $31.20
                                            All Sales are Final
                                            Disclaimer is at bottom of Web Page

                                            Reiki Energy 

                                            a Master Class with 

                                            Reiki Master Patty Horton

                                            October  16th, 2018

                                            7 pm to 9 pm

                                            $30.00 to Attend 

                                            Join Reiki Master Teacher Patty Horton for an informative evening and work with Reiki Energy. She will tell you the story of how Reiki came into her life in 1997 and literally changed it from the ground up.

                                            She will share with you the different levels of the Reiki Practitioner and why it is important to immerse yourself in the principles of this age-old healing art form. She will teach you that what you do with the gift of Reiki is up to you and it is in the practice and in the using of the energy that the true understanding for self is revealed.

                                            Patty will share with you the benefits of Reiki Energy and how she believes that Reiki serves all of humanity when accessed. This class is for the novice, those who work with any form of healing energy and for the Reiki practitioners of today.

                                            What you will learn on this evening is:

                                            • What is Reiki energy and where does it come from
                                            • The history of how Reiki came to be
                                            • The color of Reiki energy
                                            • The Symbols of Reiki energy
                                            • How to use Healing energy in general

                                            You will participate in:

                                            • An Energy Share
                                            • Feeling the energy from others and allowing your own intuition to be your guide
                                            • Experiencing both sides of a healing from the practitioner to the receiver of the healing experience

                                            For those who feel the pull of the healer within you, Patty will share the benefits of how Reiki can become the foundation of all other healing modalities to stand upon.

                                            With a solid foundation and education in this ancient art form a deep resonance with Reiki energy is achieved. This is where the heart of the healer is established and when the work truly begins.

                                            What you will need for Class:

                                            • A Journal to write within
                                            • An open mind and a loving heart
                                            • The ability to work in a group setting

                                              There is a 4% Service Fee for all online purchases price at check out is $31.20
                                              All Sales are Final
                                              Disclaimer is at bottom of Web Page

                                            Journey into the Magic Mirror Gallery Event with

                                            Medium Patty Horton

                                            October 30th, 2018 

                                             7pm to 9 pm

                                            $25.00 to Attend

                                            I invite you to join Medium Patty Horton for this unique gallery event and guided group meditation as you journey inwards to meet with your crossed over loved ones for a Soul to Soul connection. During your time together, you will have an opportunity to experience a healing of the heart, forgiveness on a soul level and most importantly love.

                                            On this day you will be guided into another dimension to meet with that person who has transitioned from this World and into pure Spirit. Patty will not only guide you along with her Council, she will also teach you the steps on how to visit with your loved ones on your own.

                                            It is during a visitation where you have the opportunity to speak those unspoken words, experience that sacred bond between you both and to release the grief that may be keeping you from moving forward in your own lives now.

                                            On this evening the door will be opened to forgive a hurt between you both, heal and release any regrets that you may be carrying in your own heart or to just connect to the essence of love between you both once again.

                                            This experience will be both healing and uplifting as it changes your energy and shifts your own vibration in a profound way. Through this guided group meditation, you will have the opportunity to see, feel and experience the essence of this person’s love once more.

                                            All that is asked of you is to have an opened mind and a loving heart and be ready to receive a message from those that you love in the spirit world. The words spoken, and the energy shared between you both will reshape your human experience of love on a deeper level.

                                            There will be a bit of time for sharing your experience at the end of the session if you so choose or you can keep this sacred experience to yourself. With the help of Patty’s Council, she will share with you their words of wisdom around your sacred journey on this day.

                                            Please know that as you step in through the Magic Mirror this will be the doorway that will deliver you home and where you will get the chance to meet with those whom you miss and love once more.

                                            This gallery and guided group meditation is open to all people who may be seeking that connection of love with someone who is no longer in the human form but whose essence is now pure spirit.

                                            $25.00 to Attend this Event

                                              There is a 4% Service Fee for all online purchases price at check out is $26.00
                                              All Sales are Final
                                              Disclaimer is at bottom of Web Page

                                            The Spiritual Man a Master Class with 

                                            Medium Patty Horton

                                            November 15th 7 pm to 9 pm

                                            $30.00 to Attend

                                            For ages men have been known to be the backbone of the household and the person dedicated to hold things together. Men are known to be the bread winner, the logical thinker and most importantly known to their families as the Rock of Gibraltar. The man of the house will carry upon his shoulders the weight of the world and at times will dig deep within himself to find a way through the obstacles before him in a Hercules fashion.

                                            In Greek mythology Hercules was considered a demi-god who had incredible strength and stamina. Throughout the 20th century men had taken the forefront in the World and it was the Piscean Age which empowered them with its very masculine energy. Most of the World’s Leaders are men who govern large countries or bodies of people. Even in religion men seem to be the figure heads who are making the decisions for all the congregation.

                                            The question remains, how do men fit into the world of spirituality?

                                            This class is all about finding a way to exude your spiritual heart and maintain your masculine energy. It is about tapping into that feminine aspect of balance and not losing the male aspect of self. It is about understanding who you are on a spiritual level.

                                            What you will learn in this Class is:

                                            1. Understanding the spiritual man
                                            2. Exploring the right-side of the brain
                                            3. Balancing out the masculine with the feminine
                                            4. How to navigate both aspects of self and maintaining who you are
                                            5. Embracing your own spirituality
                                            6. The exploration of guided meditation

                                            The word “Spiritual” encompasses the aspect of the human spirit, the soul essence which is the polar-opposite of materialistic matters which most men are driven by. This class is about understanding the “Spiritual Man” in the 21st Century as we navigate its infancy. It is about finding a balance in your own lives yet maintaining the strength of Hercules. This class is for the men who want to dive deeper into the spiritual aspect of self.

                                              There is a 4% Service Fee for all online purchases price at check out is $31.20
                                              All Sales are Final
                                              Disclaimer is at bottom of web page 

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