Inner Eye Connections Medium Patricia Horton

Teacher, Mentor, Medium, Author, Trance Medium

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Patty Educates the Spiritually Curious and helps them to understand 
their own Intuition......

          Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

   Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher   

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                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

     This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment & as you are fed

   from the table of  Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge..... 

The Christ Consciousness in You!!!!

April 10th, 10 am to 12 pm
Southwest Brunswick Branch Library 
9400 Ocean Hwy W., Carolina Shores NC 28467

Author and Channel Patricia Horton invites you for an evening chat about the influence of Christ in the 21st Century.


· What if she told you that Jesus was only the gateway to God?


· What if she told you that God needed a human being to represent him here on Earth, hence a man made in his image.


· What if Patricia told you that Jesus was the messenger, the Master Teacher whose mission was to awaken humanity as he spoke to the flaws of the human being?


Patricia will share with you the wisdom channeled from her book; I Am The Light; The Wisdom of Jesus in the 21st Century as a gateway towards learning. It is from the platform of her book where she will share the significance of Christ’s influence on humanity.


What to expect on this evening.

· A Lecture on Patricia’s connection to Christ

· An introduction to her book I Am The Light

· A Meditation to access the Christ Consciousness

·  Channeling a message from Jesus for yourselves


This evening will be one where the dots are connected. This is where you will see for yourselves and understand how all people are fed from one source of light.


During your time together, she will teach you about the importance of understanding the Christ Consciousness in today’s world. It will be, if you are open, a way to access Christ on a personal level for yourselves. Patricia will share with you how The Christ Consciousness exists within each of you and how to allow it become present in your everyday lives.


What you will need for class:

· A Journal to write within

· A copy of her book is suggested but not required.

· An open mind and a loving heart.


Patricia will have a few autographed copies of her book available for purchase on the evening of class. You can also purchase your book on-line. She will sign them for you at the end of the evening. Just click on the Yellow Link to be redirected to Amazon.