Inner Eye Connections
Patty Horton
Medium, Trance Medium and Spiritual Teacher

Awaken the spirit within you as you feed from the table of 
wisdom and knowledge......

Séance with Trance Medium Patty Horton


The Gathering Lighthouse May 19th, 2018

26 N. Park Ave., Lombard Illinois  from 7 pm to 9 pm 

$30.00 to Attend

You are invited to participate in a very sacred experience as Trance Medium Patty Horton allows the spirit world to draw close to her, blend their minds energy with her own and communicate messages and energy through her. Patty refers to her team as her Council and during her time in the Trance State they will speak words of wisdom and messages on a universal and individual level.

During your time together, you may experience several different types phenomena such as:

  • Shifts in air temperature from cold to hot
  • Witness the expansion of the Trance Mediums aura
  • Physical changes to the Trance Mediums facial features
  • Spirit Orbs, Rapping, Smells, Wind or Apports

A Séance is nothing more than allowing the Spirit World to use the Medium as a way to relay messages for those who have gathered. There are many types of Séances yet at this one Patty will invoke the full state of trance control for what is called trance communications.

During your time together, names will randomly be drawn and the people who are chosen will be allowed to ask Patty a question while she is in the trance state. Your questions can be about your own lives lived, your own abilities, your own souls path or something on a universal level about the world in general for example.

This is not the time to ask for the dead to appear as Patty is not like Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost. She will not spontaneously become your great Uncle James and tell you where the mason jars of cash are buried. Patty’s part in all of this is to allow the Council to step front and center so that the academics and the philosophy can be spoken and heard.

Everyone who attends the séance will walk away with something for themselves even if they are not picked to be read. Patty wants you to understand that information through the Councils wisdom tends to be universal in nature and will speak to the hearts of many in the gallery.

We are privilege and honored to be bringing back this very ancient form of spirit communication in the 21st century known as The Age of Aquarius. There is so much to know and understand about this evolving world that we live within and through the Councils Wisdom much is revealed.

In the end it is through Patty’s years of experience and a dedication to her craft along with her love for her Council in the Spirit World that you will bear witness to the beauty of the full trance control…..

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