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Patty Educates the Spiritually Curious and helps them to understand 
their own Intuition......

          Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

   Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher   

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                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

     This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment & as you are fed

   from the table of  Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge..... 

People have been asking who is Patty 
and where is she from....

Patty Horton is a Medium, Trance Medium, and Spiritual Teacher. She was born and raised in the State of Illinois and has done most of her work over the last 38 years from her home base. She has recently relocated to North Carolina and continues to be a shining light upon the path for others.

 Her Travels have taken her to New York, California and Virginia Beach where she has taught workshops, performed live Mediumship demonstrations along with her other numerous projects. In New York, 2017 & 2018 she did live radio with Radio Host Rick Delgado who also was a co host of her TV Pilot, The Simple Path. In 2020 The Practical Seer, a Cable series Debuted in Chicago. Patty was also featured as a Top 12 Pick for the Spring Edition of; The Spirited Woman. 

For her studies she has traveled to the State of New York and studied at the Omega Institute under the guidance of Trance Medium Tony Stockwell. He was a pivotal influence in her journey as a Trance Medium and Trance Healer. She has also studied at The Arthur Findlay College under the direction of Minister Judith Seaman and deepened her understanding and Trance Communication abilities. 

Her primary Teacher back home had been the beautiful Miss Jackie. For 26 amazing years Patty flourished under her guidance. She grew in leaps and bounds due to Jackie's loving influence and guidance by sitting in her classroom and opening up to the work of her own Soul's Destiny. 

Medium Patty Horton's passion for this work is evident to those who sit before her for a reading or within the 
walls of her classroom. It is the cloak of humility that she wears upon her shoulders that presents itself to 
the sitter or the student during your time together as she reads from a channeled perspective and teaches
 from a place of experience. 

As you will come to see Patty draws from the Divine a healing vibration and is able to See, Hear and Feel Spirit as she connects with your Spirit Guides, Teachers and crossed over Loved One’s. This is where Patty is able to share with you their messages. 

As a Medium she is extremely passionate about working with the Spirit Guides and Teachers. For it is their voice that beckons to be heard as she allows herself to become the vessel for their messages to flow through. 

Patty has recognized the importance of this part of her mediumship and chooses this platform to teach and read from as she has grown herself due to the guidance received.

 She will teach you that through her work as a Medium, yes your loved ones voices do want to be heard yet the Guides and Teachers are first and foremost for her as she works with those in the Spirit World. She asks you to understand that when your loved ones do make an appearance to recognize it as a gift. It is a blessing for you and within the presence of their vibration a healing of the heart often occurs. This is where you will see that there is a comfort in her presence as Patty will validate your life in

 more ways than one. 

 Patty offers classes to teach those whom she is blessed to work with about Mediumship, Psychic Development, Love, Healing, Energy, Meditation, Reiki, Trance and more.  

She is also a Published Author, her book Unconditional Love was Channeled from Spirit and layered with her own life experiences. 

In the end, Patty will ask each of you to remember that Spirit will always give to you what you have need of for they see the greatest good and highest joy of each soul  that they are blessed to work with.


"Like many people, I've always been skeptical of people who say they can talk to spirits. 
You know, it's all "Hocus Pocus nonsense". 
Then I met Patty Horton! Wow and Amazing come to mind. 
 After speaking to Patty, seeing how she connected with and for people and saw their reactions to what she was telling them, I am now a believer!  At least in Patty I am. 
She is the REAL DEAL!!! 
Patty Horton really is a special person with a truly special gift!! So glad I met her!"

 Rick Delgado  
Host for All Business Media FM’s Internet Radio Show

I was truly honored to work with such a gifted mentor! Patty has me feeling comfortable and relaxed within the first email exchange. I knew she had something very special immediately. She had a very individualized approach and was able to see what my strengths were and was able to guide me to use those strengths to better understand and utilize my gifts. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.. this could not be a more accurate statement in regards to Patty. She has a no nonsense approach that really helps you to go within your own soul and maximize your OWN potential. She is very aware of everyone’s own abilities and sparks a light in you to help you shine your own light on your own truth. Bless you Patty! I am truly grateful for your guidance!!

Desiree R. Mokena Illinois November 19th, 2018

Patty Horton the Teacher....

I just sat down and talked with a lovely young woman who is sensitive.  I thought to myself, I wish I had had someone in school, like me, who could shed some light on energy and emotional sensitivity so that I could learn to become more awake and aware.

This young woman feels so much but doesn't know how to handle it. No one taught her the ins and outs of energy. She gets overwhelmed, tired and shuts down. She has a hard time crawling out of bed and procrastinates because the world seems very tough to "power through". Just like all of us I thought there has to be a way to find a way to learn to live in a chaotic, overstimulating world.

Well, Patty makes the mystical, practical and does it with a genuine kindness that has come through a rich life of adventure and challenges. She has worked with energy for decades and uses it in the most unusual of situations. Construction sites, channeling loved ones, healing herself of big injuries.

She calls herself a "Deep Feeler" which is the perfect term for sensitive souls.

If you'd like to work with someone who works with energy in mystical and practical ways, she's the one I'd recommend. She's visited INSIDE a few times now and every single class, I like her more and more.

She certainly isn't a "fluffy bunny" type. She knows how to feel energy and works with it in hundreds of life situations.

So come out and join us for one of her many classes that she holds at the center and feel her light. Let it shine in you and learn how to let yours shine too, we'd love to see you.

Warmly, Rita Hickman Owner of Insides in Mchenry Illinois 04/21/2017

Having Patty do a reading for you is truly something to be treasured !  Patty has such an incredible connection with her guides and teachers, and the information she receives from them is so unbelievably accurate !

Patty is an extremely gifted psychic medium and channel medium.  Her ability to go into trance to receive channeled messages is truly unique, and she conveys the messages in such an easy to understand manner.  They are very profound messages that she relays to you.
Patty is also a wonderful person , and her easygoing demeanor and positive attitude makes your reading seem like you are talking to your best friend !
Patty is also a gifted teacher and her guided meditations are an experience that you don't want to miss !
Dave Schmidt, Psychic Medium 03/24/2017

Patty is an amazing mentor and her program is structured around you as an individual and your unique gifts, unlike many of the generalized programs available out there.  Patty is an incredibly gifted medium yet makes you feels very comfortable working with her  -  she is the real deal.  It was truly a privilege to have been given the opportunity to be mentored by such a wonderful teacher."
Michelle D Woodstock Illinois 11/07/2016

Hi Patty,
We met last Thursday at my mom's for a group party and you left everyone wanting more!!! 
Quick side note: you saw my sister in law's grandma holding two balloons, a pink and blue, and she found out today she's having twins! So crazy. 
Anyway, after telling my friends about you, they want to arrange party!
Thanks, Cara C. Lake Barrington Illinois 09/14/2016

Patty I am just speechless...I wanted to call you but I'm sitting here crying lol......I went into the office ( room with all the books) I looked up on the shelf with my dads old school books and found a Bible with his initials on the front its old leather bound and inside is a message from his grandma and grandpa written back in 1946. They gave it to him for his very first Easter. You were right when you said it the woman you thought may have been on my father's side. It's crazy I am in this office all the time and I put those books up there. I don't ever remember seeing it before.
Thank you for seeing me today. I feel so much better and I am so thankful for you. I have to say when you card showed up on my desk I knew it was a sign. I  look forward to talking to you again.
Thank you, 
Stephanie N., Crystal Lake Illinois 08/23/2013

There are moments when you know you have encountered a space in time that is going to create a shift in what you believe and cling too. Without really understanding how depleted I had become from a guilt I felt was mine to bare forever, I was released by an encounter with Patty.  The spiritual guides that work through Patty presented to me a forgiveness for myself. They knew my blocks without ever having contact with me before. 
 It has been almost six months since our first meeting; I have attended several of the "Circle of Light Workers" events (learning sessions). Each session has provided guidance on different forms of divination, mediumship, energy healing, and the ethics of using one's gifts. 
Patty does not wear her abilities, she embraces them as a natural part of her journey in this lifetime. I feel blessed for having this time ever how long that is, to learn from and experience the gifts and person that is Patty Horton.
Bonnie W., Chicago Illinois 01/ 08/2014

Patty is an great Teacher, Medium and light worker. Her straightforward and down to earth approach to her gifts and those of others struck an immediate chord with my soul and I would bet it will with yours also. Patty's use of the guides and teachers and their messages and keeps the focus on a wider group of light beings other than just our departed relatives. I can wholeheartedly recommend Patty as a beacon of light for those looking for a reading or to expand their own psychic gifts.
John F, Chicago Illinois 01/08/2014

Patty is a gifted Medium, Teacher and Reiki practitioner. I've had the pleasure and privilege of being read by Miss Patty and she has given clear and specific identifiable information from loved ones including personality, names, behaviors, careers. Patty is a very clear channel. and a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is person; what you see is what you get: Truth and Beauty. Ive also had the pleasure of being in several of Patty's groups, which have involved meditation, readings and discussion. I unfortunately live too far away to be involved in many of her on site activities, and Patty has been kind enough to include me in several events via Skype. If you have the opportunity to go see her, Id highly recommend it. She is the real deal.
Kim F, Long Island NY 10/15/2013

Patty from Inner Eye Connections is not only a Amazing Medium that will help pass messages from a loved one to you she also works with your Spirit Guides and Teachers in the Spirit World. She is an a Amazing Teacher and Leader that will help you to open up to your own gifts within as she delivers the messages you need to help yourself move forward on your life's path as she gives you the tools and advice you need to open up and use the gifts you already have. If you have not yet been able to have a medium session or go to one of her workshops I highly suggest you do so. You will be happy you did as the results are amazing and life changing.
Brittany H, Winfield Illinois 08/24/2012

"Patty is one of my most Trusted Advisers... She is the real deal. I have never seen someone with such ability to tune into the other side and access information. She has given me beautiful guidance and evidence from those in the spirit world which includes- descriptions of places, people, etc; she was "dead" on! Thank you Patty for the work you do; the healing and love you provide is second to none!"
Tracey A, West Babylon New York 11/18/2013