Inner Eye Connections Medium Patricia Horton

Teacher, Mentor, Medium, Author, Trance Medium

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Patty Educates the Spiritually Curious and helps them to understand 
their own Intuition......

          Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

   Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher   

                      Contact info 630-417-7130 or 

                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

     This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment & as you are fed

   from the table of  Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge..... 

Mentoring Program Medium Patty Horton

"I teach the Spiritually Curious. I help them to understand the language of their own Intuition. I assist people with their own personal journey and I help guide them to discover and utilize their own Divine Gifts" ...... Medium Patty Horton 

Mentorship Program

4 Week Mentoring Program with Medium & Healer, Patty Horton

Zoom Meeting or In Person Classes

***Individual Sessions are also Available

I am offering those who want to develop their own gifts on a deeper and more personal level an opportunity to be accepted into this Mentorship program as I guide you through the pathway of simplicity so that you can grow more fully and completely into your own.

How it works is like this…….

I will assist you on a personal level as you get to decide how you would like to progress with your own spiritual development. You will get to decide what it is that you would like to work on and I will create a syllabus that revolves around you. I will help you to enhance and develop what already exists within you on a deeper level as we dive into the nuts and bolts of your own growth thus far. I will assist you in understanding the importance of your own team within the spirit world as we bring them fully into the process of growing and maturing the gifts that reside within you.

I will spend 4 weeks, One on One with you for  a 1 hour private sessions each week……

You will be sent a questionnaire to answered by you which I will  review.  This is your application and after the review is completed you will be notified of your acceptance into the program……

Ask yourselves these questions…….

*What is it that I want to work on in this exact moment in time to grow on a personal and a spiritual level that will enhance my own gifts?

*What is it that I am looking to gain from this opportunity of mentoring?

*How can I incorporate my Spirituality into my everyday life through this Mentor-ship Program so that I can continue to grow on a daily basis?

Please know that life and a balancing act and through this course you will become more grounded in your own growth as you gain an understanding of how to keep one foot fully planted within the physical world while the other one stays firmly placed upon the spiritual path that you find yourselves traveling upon thus far.

This Mentor-ship Program is for the Serious Students and is opened to those wishing to evolve and to grow so that you can use the divine gifts that reside within you.

This program covers Mentorship for:

* Mediumship, all aspects

* Gallery Style Readings

* Healing / Healers

* Intuitive / Psychic Development

* Channeling

* Automatic Writing / Soul Card Development

*Empathic qualities

*Spiritual Enlightenment for Self

*Remote Viewing


What you will need for Class…..

  • A Journal to write within don’t show up to class without it!!!
  • Dedication to the Course
  • Skype Capabilities

Price to Attend this Program: $500.00

For those seeking an individual one on one Mentoring Session the price is $175.00 per Hour……

To gain access to the 4 Week Program please contact Patty by email @ 

The Questionnaire needs to be answered first before payment is received and accepted for this program....

No Refunds are offered and all sales are final.

Please know that a 4% service fee has been added to the price of the program for all credit card purchases....

You have 4 payment options please scroll down and click on the payment that applies to your program....

4-Week Mentorship Program $500.00 Price will reflect $520.00 at Checkout....

$100.00 Deposit for 4-Week Mentorship Program Price will reflect $104.00 at Checkout...

Remaining Balance 4-Week Program $400.00 Price will Reflect $416.00 at Checkout

Individual Mentorship Session  is $175.00 price will reflect $182.00 at Checkout.....

Mentoring Testimonials 

I was truly honored to work with such a gifted mentor! Patty has me feeling comfortable and relaxed within the first email exchange. I knew she had something very special immediately. She had a very individualized approach and was able to see what my strengths were and was able to guide me to use those strengths to better understand and utilize my gifts. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.. this could not be a more accurate statement in regards to Patty. She has a no nonsense approach that really helps you to go within your own soul and maximize your OWN potential. She is very aware of everyone’s own abilities and sparks a light in you to help you shine your own light on your own truth. Bless you Patty! I am truly grateful for your guidance!!
Desiree R. Mokena Illinois November 19th, 2018

Patty is an amazing mentor.  Her program is structured around you as an individual and your unique gifts, unlike many of the generalized programs available out there.  Patty is an incredibly gifted medium yet makes you feels very comfortable working with her she is the real deal.  It was truly a privilege to have been given the opportunity to be mentored by such a wonderful teacher.
Michelle D November 7th, 2016