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This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment...It is when you are fed from the table
of Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge.....
Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

          Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

   Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher   

                      Contact info 630-417-7130 or 

                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

     This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment & as you are fed

   from the table of  Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge..... 

Meet the Clair's and Mystic Moon Gong Meditation on October 5th, 2019

A One Day Intensive Workshop from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
Saint Benedict's Abbey

12605 224th Ave., Benet Lake Wisconsin 53102

You see the Spirit World has found ways to capture your attention, yet it is up to you to connect the dots of the information given......By all means, Meet the Clair's

Meet the Clair’s a One Day Intensive Workshop with Medium Patty Horton

Join Medium Patty Horton, one of today’s most Insightful Spiritual Teachers in the Chicagoland area for a full day of self-discovery. The day will move into the evening and you will find yourself sitting with Sound Healer, Jamie Damaschke. This is where you with bathe yourselves in a

 Mystic Moon Gong Meditation…..

Have you ever wondered if you had the ability to see, hear or even feel the presence of spirit? Have you thought to yourself, is spirit trying to communicate with me? Have you been open to spirit communication but are not exactly sure how to go about it?

Patty will help you to answer these questions and more as you learn to navigate the Clair’s for yourself. You will see how they work together with one another and where your own strengths reside in the work.

  • Clairvoyance is your ability to see clearly the images delivered to you in the form of pictures,                   symbols, landscapes or people.

  • Clairaudience is your ability to hear and understand Spirits voice when they are speaking directly to       you.

  • Clairsentience is your ability to feel Spirits presence in the form of emotions and impressions within       your own bodies.

  • Clairgustance is the ability to taste a substance without putting anything into your own mouths.

  • Clairscent is your ability to smell something like a food or a fragrance/odor that is not in the room.

  • Claircognizance is the ability to have a clear sense of knowing.

For some, all of the Clair’s are utilized when doing a reading or when gathering information for themselves. For others, one or maybe two of Clair’s will be present during times of communication. The beauty of this workshop is this, during your time together, you will explore six of the most common Clair’s so that you can gain a deeper understanding of them.

You will then use the Clair’s in conjunction with one another to amplify the way Spirit is communicating with you!!!

When working directly with the Spirit World, each person will have an experience, that will speak directly to them. Throughout this day you will each have an opportunity to understand your own direct link with the guides, teachers and even your own loved one’s. This is where the Clair’s will make their presence known and communications will commence.

What to expect from this Class;

  • An understanding of each Clair and how it works
  • Guided imagery of each Clair through a meditative state
  • Gathering information through the Clair’s for yourself and others
  • Practical exercises with your peers in the classroom
  • Working with all of the Clair’s during the reading process

Using all of your Senses

At the end of the day, Patty will help you put it all together and where she will talk about creating the “Circle of Trust”. She will help you to gain an understanding of;

  • How all of your senses are heightened when you understand which Clair you are drawing from.
  • She will teach you how to trust what it is that you are given
  • How detachment is your best friend during a reading

What you will need for Class

  • A journal to write within as this becomes your partner in your learning
  • An open mind and a loving heart
  • A willingness to learn together as a group

All levels are welcomed to the classroom. This is where each of you will see how Patty teaches in a down to earth style which is easy to understand. Her philosophy is to keep it simple, this is how the spirit world has encouraged her teach. It is from this platform that all souls are fed from her own place of knowledge and understanding.

Mystic Moon Gong Meditation

Sound Healer, Jamie Damaschke will be leading our Mystic Moon Gong Meditation and Acoustic Journey on this night. Through Crystal Chakra Bowls, Koshi Chimes and a Moon Gong you will be transported into a deep state of relaxation. The sacred harmonics breathe space into disharmony, dissolving any frictional energy that you may be carrying and creating a space to awaken your signature expressions.

Together we are going to co-create a sacred space to connect with source essence using intention and vibrational acoustic resonance. The immersion is just before the full moon and the moon gong is going to connect to the waxing gibbous energy. This energy supports expansion, allowing new ideas to be birthed, opening doors to meeting new people while bringing new meaning into your lives. There are new buds preparing to bloom and where ideas/plans can be cultivated to be refined before the next stage.

Join us for a unique sound meditation that combines gong, chimes and singing bowls to create a heightened meditation space. The rhythm of the moon cycle will connect you to a deeper understanding of self as you become aligned with where she is stationed at in the heavens above you.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow or anything else you may need to lie still on the floor for an hour. Seating is available but lying down is the most effective position to work with the energy of the gong.

If you do not have a yoga mat, Jamie does sell some high-quality mats and you can contact her directly about her special offer. Click on the blue link tab and apply this code for 20% off a yoga mat and free shipping: Discount Code: INNEREYE

Class Schedule:

8:30am to 9:00am Registration
9:00am to 12:30 Morning Session
12:30pm to 1:30pm Lunch off Campus
1:30pm to 5:00pm Afternoon Session
5:00pm to 5:45pm Break
5:45pm to 6:15pm Gong Registration
6:30 to 8:00pm Mystic Moon Gong Meditation

Class Fees:

Full Day Workshop and Gong Meditation $115.00
Workshop Only $105.00
Venus Gong Meditation Only $25.00

There is a 4% service fee for all credit card purchases and price at checkout will reflect this fee.

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Meet The Clair's Full Day workshop and Venus Gong Meditation.....Price at Checkout is $119.60

Meet the Clair's Workshop Only.....Price at Checkout is $109.20

Meet The Clair's Venus Gong Only.....Price at Checkout is $26.00