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This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment...It is when you are fed from the table
of Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge.....

We Educate the Spiritually Curious to understand their own Intuition
Inner Eye Connections Medium Patty Horton

          Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

   Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher   

                      Contact info 630-417-7130 or 

                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

     This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment & as you are fed

   from the table of  Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge..... 

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Unfolding the Akashic Records

November 21st, 2019

7 pm to 10 pm

$35.00 to Attend

* Curious about past lives?

* Ever wonder where your current Karmic Pattern was created from?

* Would you like to understand the wisdom of your own Souls Voice?

Join Mediums Patty Horton and Jennie Oster as they combine their talents and share their expertise about this and more!!!

Throughout time, our lives, our deeds, and our actions have been recorded. Known as the Akashic Records, this is the space where the chronicle of your previous lifetimes have been stored.

All the lessons learned, the soul’s experiences with other, and the evolution of the soul in motion is recorded in The Book of Life. We believe these records are available to anyone who wishes to access them and use the knowledge stored within them.

Life is a complex journey of people, places and things. The journey of each lifetime lived, if you believe in past life, is stored within the fabric of your own Soul’s Blueprint.

In this class you will explore:

* De’-ja vu

* Tools to access the records

* Guided Meditations that will help you to gain access to the past

* Participate in hands-on practice of tapping into the records

* Reading your peers Akashic Records in the classroom

This class is geared towards empowering you to understand that you are more than just the life that you are living now. Our hope is to help you access the layers of wisdom that is stored within your own soul’s voice.

“Knowledge is Power, as they say, and you hold the Power to navigate the World in an unfettered way. The Akashic Records present the key to the kingdom within you, yet it is up to the seeker to use they key wisely”.

What you will need for Class:

* A Journal to write within and a pen

* An open mind to explore the unexplored

* A loving heart as you navigate the World before you

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