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Teacher, Mentor, Medium, Author, Trance Medium

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Patty Educates the Spiritually Curious and helps them to understand 
their own Intuition......

          Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

   Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher   

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                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

     This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment & as you are fed

   from the table of  Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge..... 

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The Spoken Word

“Be mindful that each word that you speak, each task that you undertake, must always be done from a place of love. For those who do not yet know love’s influence will continue to be thirsty.” ~ Jesus

     Patricia Horton’s book, I AM THE LIGHT, is a definitive guide to increasing the awareness of our divine origin. From beginning to end, Patricia openly shares with the reader her light, her incredible spiritual gifts, the wisdom of spiritual counsels and the divine guidance of Jesus. She does this with the intention to inspire the reader to create and strengthen their connection to their own unique light. It would be hard to imagine a more thorough and encouraging book on the subject. BRAVA!

~Melissa Hull, Global Media CEO • International Speaker • Story Coach • Show Host • Author on Child Loss • Podcast Host • Public Figure

     What if I said that Jesus was only the gateway to God? What if I told you that Jesus was the messenger, a master teacher whose mission was to awaken humanity, even as He spoke to its flaws? This book offers you, the reader, an opportunity to investigate  that and more.

     The pathway towards this understanding has been illuminated through the written word and where the life and times of Christ shows you the way. Peace, Love, Prayer, and Faith are the steppingstones that will lead you towards that oneness with God. It is through walking this path where a truth will awaken from deep within you.

     Patricia Horton is a Spiritual Medium at Heart, and in this book is where she shares her insights through the magic of Authorship. Patricia will guide each of you from a unique platform, as she reaches out and touches the hearts of the spiritually curious. Known to some as the Spirit Scribe, you will experience the beauty of her spiritual council and their wisdom on the pages of this book, enjoy the journey.