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Flower Reading Master Class with Medium Patty Horton

C B Berry Community Center
2250 SC-179 Little River SC 29566
Price to Attend $27.00
April 29th 10 AM to 12 PM

In this class, we are going to do what is called a flower reading.

A flower reading is done through what is called psychometry. Psychometry is a form of psychic development that becomes a building block of the medium or the psychic reader. It becomes the element on which the psychic enters into the sitter’s vibration to retrieve information about them, which is then relayed to them in the form of a reading.

Psychometry is nothing more than reading the energetic imprint that is left behind in objects or places that are touched, worn, or held by another person. This is where they leave their personal imprint upon the place or the objects that have been touched by them. When their personal energy is imprinted upon these things, they leave what is called a blueprint of who they are. It becomes, in a sense, their own personal calling card.

Your portal for the evening will be a beautiful Rose that will be infused with the energy of one of your peers. It will be the gateway that opens the doorway to information about the person you will be reading for.

What you will need for this class:

• A journal or pad of paper to write in, please don’t show up without it!
• An open mind and a loving heart
• The willingness to learn in the dynamics of a group setting
• The desire for personal growth of self

This will be a development class with a practice session for each student who sits within the circle. It will be a place to enhance what has already been developed by you or the starting point for those who are ready to experience another layer of self-discovery.

A Rose will be provided for each student to work with for the classroom exercise and to take home with them  after class….

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