Inner Eye Connections Medium Patricia Horton

Teacher, Mentor, Medium, Author, Trance Medium

630-417-7130 or

Patty Educates the Spiritually Curious and helps them to understand 
their own Intuition......

          Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patty Horton

   Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher   

                      Contact info 630-417-7130 or 

                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

     This is a place for all of the Soul's who are seeking Enlightenment & as you are fed

   from the table of  Spirituality you then drink from the cup of Wisdom & Knowledge..... 


Sat. 9/21 1:00 PM Benifit Bob Nedli Help Support Bob's Buck's Live Life Fund Follow the Link and please feel free to donate or stop on by I will be giving away a free reading as one of the prizes Follo more
Wed. 10/9 7:30 PM Guided Group Meditation

Guided Group Meditation see Service page for more info

Sat. 10/26 10:47 AM Halloween Party

Private event

Sat. 11/9 7:30 PM Private Party

Private Party

Wed. 11/13 7:30 PM Spirit Gallery with Patricia Horton Please join Patricia Horton published Author of Unconditional Love for an evening of communication with the Spirit World. Patricia is a gifted Medium who is able to communicate with Spirit and on this evening will sahre with the audience messages fro... more
Sun. 2/9 2:00 PM Guided Group Meditation & Vegan Potluck Guided Group Meditation and Vegan Potluck Please join Patty & Tammy for Meditation and a Potluck Vegan gathering. Price to join is $15.00 pp plus one Vegan dish for all to enjoy afterwards. On this afternoon we will all gather together as we ... more
Sat. 2/22 7:00 PM Private Event

Private Event

Sat. 3/1 11:00 AM Energy Workshop Energy Workshop What is energy exactly? You are energy, the chair you are sitting upon is energy, your words are energy as well as your thoughts are energy. Energy is in all things, living and non-living for it carries a vibration and leaves an im... more
Sat. 4/5 6:00 PM Magic Mirror Meditation Magic Mirror Meditation Join me for this very unique guided group meditation as we journey inwards and meet with our crossed over loved ones for a soul to soul connection as we experience healing, forgiveness and most importantly love. Today I will... more
Sun. 4/6 2:00 PM Guided Group Meditation & Vegan Pot Luck

Sat. 4/12 All day Private Event
Sat. 4/26 6:00 PM Psychometry and your Pshchic Development Energy Class Psychometry and your Psychic Development Today we will spend some time together going deeper into the world of psychometry which is nothing more than reading the imprint left behind in objects by the person who has worn them. Through ... more
Sun. 5/4 1:00 PM Energy Workshop Energy Workshop What you can expect to learn from this workshop I will teach you through different techniques how to see, feel and experience the energy of others as well as your own. I will also teach you about the imprint that someone else’... more
Sat. 10/4 All day Booked

Private Party

Sat. 10/18 All day Booked

Private Party

Sat. 10/25 All day Booked

Private Party

Sat. 11/1 All day Booked

Private Party

Sat. 11/15 All day Booked

Private Party

Sun. 1/11 12:00 PM Readings at Evolve

Readings at Eveolve go to Evolve Eventspage for details....

12 pm to 4 pm

Wed. 1/14 7:00 PM Spirit Gallery at Mariola's

Spirit Gallery at Mariola's

Call Mariola's for details 847-847-7093

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