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Windows, Doors, and Walls......

Posted on February 13, 2021 at 8:50 AM

The windows give us a view to look through.

The doors present a threshold to cross over.

The walls become the reminder of what is not serving you.

Our physical house becomes a representation of our spiritual house. In our homes we have our favorite places we love to sit, windows that become our favorite to look out of, and multiple doors that we walk through daily.

Our spiritual house also encompasses windows, doors, and walls as well. But the windows appear in our minds eye and become the place where we can view the past, present, and the future. The doors that we walk through are the ones that we have created through what we have manifested in our hearts desire. The walls become the place that some refer to as blocks, yet these blocks can be overcome by talking the long way around them at times.

As we look at the duality of what we call home, our physical world becomes a mirrored reflection of our spiritual heart. Yes, we can present a spiritual face to the world. Yet the ego of our physical existence will still show its own face when it is out of alignment with our spirituality.

This is where your feet are not walking the path of both worlds and seem to be to heavily weighted in one or the other. This is where you are reminded of it through your own interaction with others. This is where people, at times, begin to fall away as the chaos of your own energy becomes too much for them to bear.

Today’s post is a reminder of the duality of your own existence. If you can tap into that duality, you can begin to see if a course correction is needed in any area of your life. This is where you can honor the human aspect of who you are, embrace the ego part of self, and where you can begin to align with your spiritual heart.

Life is all about understanding that we are multifaceted beings. Our souls harnessed in a human body as a way to experience the best of both worlds. It is up to each of us to know where that sweet spot is so that we can stand in what I would call a grace. This grace then affords you a place in which to navigate this world with opened eyes, a fluid mind, and the gift of discernment to recognize your own truth…..


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