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The Magic in Surrender.....

Posted on December 22, 2022 at 8:10 AM

What are you wishing for this Christmas Season???

Is the wish for yourself, or someone/something else???

When we put our energy towards any desire, there must be a clear path in which our prayers/requests must follow.

There has to be the ask, of course.

There needs to be an outcome, what we are hoping for.

And there needs to be faith that your wish/desire will be fulfilled in its own perfect timing and not your own.

Years ago, my Miss Jackie taught me all about how this worked. She would gently remind me that I needed to get out of my own way to allow the divine hand of God to be present in the outcome. Now she used to call it the Universe and where she guided each of her students from that perspective. She was wise enough to know that all people's belief systems are individual to themselves, and so do I.

So, however, you choose to look at the way hopes, dreams, and desires are fulfilled, know that it is from a personal expression of your own belief system where they will come to pass.

This is a great tool to work with over the Winter Solstice. Look at it as a gift to yourselves as you find the Magic in Surrender.

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