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Disciplined Love

Posted on October 27, 2022 at 12:00 AM

I did a reading for a lady last night, her father leaving his wisom in the form of bread crumbs to follow.

He connected her to her childhood. A creek with amber colored water, the place her took her to fish, and where she caught turtles with her hands. Reminding her about the importance of the lesson; learning how to fish and allowing nature to be her guide.

The closing message he wanted to gift to his favorite daughter was this... When trying to help another, tough love is not always the way. He continued, the people you are withholding your love from need to want to change, as change can't be forced by withholding anything, especially love. Disciplined love is the only way to reach someone. For as they may be used to things being handed to them, you now have the opportunity to teach them how to work for it.


I am sharing this with all of you today for a reason. It is to help those who may be struggling with helping a loved one through a difficult situtation. His message can help you to gain a clear perpective from his wisdom filled words, if you are opened to hearing them yourselves.


Disciplined Love versus Tough Love..... You decide which version of Love can be best utilized and doled out <3

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