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Prophetic Dream.....

Posted on April 30, 2022 at 9:40 AM

Something "Sold" behind the scenes and during the Obama Adminstrations Tenure will come to light. It will be "Parroted by a Woman" (she spills the beans). Look for New Zealand to be involved along with one or two other countries that are "Raw Sugar" exporters.

Sybolism in the dream was: A red raincoat being waved over a burnt red wheel barrel which magically filled with raw sugar. A mans voice warning me twice that Obama had purchased 2 for sale signs. A pure White Umbrella Cockatoo flying overhead and landing on my arm. The bird flew off, leading me towards a behind the scenes meeting. A mans long outstreatched arm handing a woman 2 for sale signs. She was dressed in a construction safety vest. She placed the signs on the chair and intently listened to the instructions given by the long armed man (symbolic for Obama). A connection to someone with the intitals of K. K. 

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