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The Duality of Symbolism..... Prophetic Vision

Posted on April 16, 2022 at 6:50 AM


Early this morning around 6 am, I was pulling into my subdivision when a red bird on the ground, caught my eye near the stop sign. As I drew closer I noticed a red cardinal sitting near the curb. As I proceeded through the stop sign, the cardinal flew in front of my vehicle and where I thought I had hit it. I looked down and it was walking on the pavement next to my car's window.


I drove home, grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat outside with my journal when in the darkness a cardinal shows up at my bird feeder. The bird goes to the ground, hops around for a bit, and then flies off.


This happened just before the sunrise and when it was still dark outside. I was nudged to begin writing. I felt there was an importance to the presence of the cardinal this morning.


" Something Hidden Revealed..... On a Grand Scale and connected to the Church.


Those whom are referred to as Holy Men have been corrupted and their Cloaks fall away. ( Look to a scandal on a mass scale to be revealed and those in red robes to be stripped of their garments)


The Scales of Injustice will no longer fall in their favor, as Universal Law now places a Weight on that scale. ( Those who have skirted the law will no longer have the ability to do so)


The Vatican Cracks and then Crumbles for no longer can they Use My Name to House Evil Doings". ( I was shown a physical crack in a main wall of the Vatican from floor to ceiling)


I was given the impression that something around the Pope and or the Cardinals who gather at the Vatican will be exposed on some level. I also feel that the crack was a physical one, and the structure was affected in some manner as well.


Seeing how we are coming into what is known as Easter and is symbolic of the "Resurrection of Christ" I wanted to share these words and visions with you today. When universal law presents itself, it means that physical world laws have been abused and a balance or course correction is inevitable.

God's hand is always moving and touches all things created. His omnipotent pours in with a Grace even when things seem bleak. This is when His Omnipresence is felt Worldwide.

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