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Mercury Retrograde Reflections......

Posted on January 23, 2022 at 8:15 AM

There is a beautiful aspect to a Mercury Retrograde Cycle which is the truth always comes out. No matter who is trying to keep a secret agenda, the timing becomes ripe for the reveal.

Try to pull the wool over someone else's eyes, they will see it.

Try to keep your true intentions hidden, they will be revealed.

Try to take advantage of a family member or a friend, the trust between you can become broken


The true intentions of every aspect that touches our lives during the retrograde cycle have the potential to shine a light on the truth. This doesn't mean that you will find out every single misdeed aimed in your direction. It just means that when the other person's or entity's hand doesn't hold any face cards, their poker face gives them away.

The only way they can win the game this time around is if they have an Ace High over their low cards to create a flush. But remember, it is only a temporary slide of hand trickery and like any good lie, their poker face was strong.

Pay attention to World Events, workplace rules and regulations, and where the powerful are trying to take advantage of the little guy. This time around those aspects seems to be popping worldwide.

On a smaller scale look closer to home and see where the manipulators are trying to maintain power over you. It is a great opportunity to take your power back and send them off to lick their wounds. On an even bigger scale, look to see who is licking their wounds in the stock market. You may have to do a bit of digging but the reveal is worth the search.

So for the next 12 days, keep your head down but remain aware. If there is a change you personally need to make, take advantage of the timing for yourselves.

The (RE) in retrograde means we get a do-over in many areas of our lives.

This time around, you may be looking at where you may have gone left instead of turning right. You may realize that your pride was too big and you are given an opportunity to course-correct. This now becomes a great time to make things right with others. It is where you may finally see the errors of your ways. You will also see who in your life is willing to forgive but not forget.

In closing, even if it hurts your heart to admit you were wrong or even forgive a betrayal, this is a great time to clear away the karma that has been created between you and another person.

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