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Frozen in Time.....

Posted on January 22, 2022 at 11:30 AM

I woke up to a covering of ice this morning and it brought me back to my time in Illinois.

But, here in NC by the coast, this is a rare event I am being told.

I decided to walk outside because I love the reminder of where I came from. It was during my quiet walk in nature when I noticed this tiny acorn on my oak tree and where my spirit began to stir.

I heard the words, "Frozen in Time" followed by the words "Growth has been Stunted".

I sat with this to gain more clarity and was given a glimpse of the last 2 years. It reminded me of how we have all been frozen in time and where our own growth individually, has been stunted.

That being said, symbology in nature is important to pay attention to. This is where we are given a clearer picture of where change needs to be implemented. It shows us how time and life are precious and just like that, all things can change when the wind shifts course.

I personally feel that we are all in for a big shift this year. I also believe that we should each be prepared should a storm hit close to home.

Yes, some of you may be saying a storm has already hit the World. But I am being guided to believe that the storm which awaits you has not yet been revealed.

Storms come in all shapes and sizes and those who can tune into that which awaits you are the people who are prepared for whatever is to come.

Don't become like the young acorn, frozen in time. Be the one who can recognize the shifts so you can be the light for those who are ill-prepared.


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