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                   Inner Eye Connections with Medium  Patty Horton

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Anchors of Light.....

Posted on October 9, 2021 at 8:45 AM

Things must be Un-Done in order for things to be Re-Built

Humanity has taken a hit and people / humans have strayed away from God / The Lord in such a way where they have become Dis-Connected

The way to Re-Store connection is to Dis-Connect them from the Illusion / Illusionary world they have bought into.

Once Dis-Connected, people will stumble and fall, some harder than others. This will make some Scream Out in fear as they will call out His Name, and where some will do so In Vain.

Suffering / Plague / Rebuke

The Anchors must stay grounded, for they will become the Guiding Light back towards Him and where a World will once again be Re-Stored

Channeled on October 3rd, 2021

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