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Tempering the Ego.....

Posted on August 18, 2021 at 8:30 AM

This morning as I sit here and I ponder the world around me, I can sense where I too have been thrown off balance.

The he said, she said, they said, can get the best of any person.

The opinions of one going against the grain of another and the hate-filled rhetoric between people exploding.

People forgetting how to peacefully coexist within a world of many, this guidance, falling on deaf ears.

The personal right of choice has gone out the window. The shaming of those who want to choose for you becomes abrasive upon the human spirit.

One set of humans pitted against the other and where the neutral cannot help but feel the pain of all.

This is heavy stuff and all people from around the World, not just you or I, are in the mix of things.

You may be wondering when will it all end?

How do we correct the course we have been traveling?

Why have we forgotten to take the time to float within the "Zone" of our spirituality so that we

can connect to our own truth?

Why are we allowing others to tell us whether we are right or wrong, and where we have become

so quick to anger?

How can we disconnect ourselves from this energy to see the bigger picture?

As my Miss Jackie used to tell me, when the grain of another person's beliefs begins to push you around

it is your job to move away from the fray. She would tell me that when someone has cast their judgment

upon you I should become mindful of this; "It is their perfect problem to deal with and not yours".

She would tell me that each person has a truth deep within them and that it is not anyone's job to convince another person to follow their way. She would remind me that we each have something of value to learn from the path that we are traveling now, and it is up to you to discern this truth for yourself. She would then wink and chuckle from the other side of the table.

As I type these words, I can feel her sweet presence beside me. It is like sitting for a reading with her as I travel into the memories of the past. One teacher, my teacher, whose words resonate deeply with my own truth. The reminder is that there are many paths to follow and it is by choice as to where I place my own foot.

Never forget the elders who came before you. Those who have gifted you with nuggets of wisdom to carry within your hearts and minds for a lifetime. Those who have taught you how to go within for the answers. This is where they have shown you that the outside world is an exterior expression of multiple opinions.

Your truth, their truth, and the creation of the pathways that those in power want you to follow.

I am reminded here of my own free will. It is my choice whether I jump into the fray or I sit this one out. It does not mean that you should not stand for something. It just means that you should not allow yourselves to be drawn into an internal battle with your own beliefs.

Never allow another person to quiet your own intuitive voice of reason as you allow others the same freedoms. This is a tricky path to follow as our own truth is begging to be heard, yet the groups of souls locked into one side or the other have something of value to gain from their experience.

So for today, if you find yourselves drawn to speak out, do so from a place of peace within you. This is where you can offer up an opinion without the need to change the course of another person's lesson to learn....

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