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The Trees are Silent.....

Posted on February 15, 2021 at 10:35 AM

There is a stillness in the energy, I can feel the anticipation of what is to come. The trees standing tall but still, silent but majestic, winter hanging on. Reflections of the past revealed while standing in the present, and where future events are calling to be revealed. The energy presents the fruit which is ripe for the picking.

No stone goes unturned, no answer to difficult to find. It is placed within your own hands and it is up to each individual to do their own due diligence.

What is your place within this new vibrant energy?

Where do you fit into the puzzle piece?

What purposeful moment is asking to be birthed through you?

As the world shifts and turns it can feel as if it is upside down. Stressful moments the most tangible to hang onto which drains the life blood from each human being who immerses themselves within it.

Today the energy offers you hope, resilience, a stillness within each of us. It is in the stillness where you can seek the clarity needed to move forward. It is in the stillness where others can hear what it is you have to say as it offers them a new fruitful vibrant path to follow.

It may not seem easy, but it is those who sit on their laurels that will tether themselves to the past. It is those whose ears are closed who will find themselves drowning in their own energy of choice.

Do not get lost in the overdoing and just plant the seeds and move on. Negative energy can become contagious. It is like a virus and can consume you until it has run its course.

Find your own voice in the silence of this energy. Be gentle yet firm, bend and sway as the tree does so that you do not break. Allow the branches to fall away when they are no longer able to grow with the tree. This is where you become like the tree and begin to adapt to your surroundings. This is how you grow ten feet in stature. This is where you will find your strength in the silence so that you will be able to flourish amongst your peers.


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