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Something is in the Air or should I say the Water.......

Posted on February 12, 2021 at 12:10 AM

I can feel a tense energy which has been brewing over the past two days. The way I can only describe this energy is as an edgy feeling, quick to anger, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

Even when I become aware of this energy it can at times get the best of me. Mindfulness is key here but the actions that follow the mindful part are what matters most. It is good to have a reminder like this even though the emotional black kettle of the past is being stirred.

We are midway through Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. We are trucking through this fixed sign which symbolizes water. Water is key to our emotions. For instance, our over emotional mindset and at times irrational behavior can become amplified when tested during this time.

For me, my follow through is being tested as are old patterns of behavior resurfacing. I am a water sign so this could be key too why I am feeling so amped up during this time.

Look for things that have you tied to buried feelings between people in your past to resurface big time. Be aware that somethings may just not be settled for you or another person that revolves around this relationship. Look for a light to be shined upon your part in things and allow them to be rectified even if it feels uncomfortable.

Mercury Retrograde is giving you an opportunity to rehash or even to reshape the way that your emotions are driving you during this time. It is like that old comfortable slipper that you thought you had thrown away comes back to haunt you. What you do with the slipper is up to you. You will either put it on or you will recognize that you really are over it and toss it back in the trash.

Mercury Retrograde cycles are all different and this one is proving to be a thorn in some of our proverbial sides. In the end it is up to us to remove the thorn and allow what needs to be healed around relationships to begin.

On a World note, the old policies that seem to be coming back to haunt us are the reminder of how the past cannot serve our country now. The gift is Mercury is shining a light on these policies and you can look for States and some Government Officials to fight the status quo. Some of these policies will be stopped dead in their tracks, but the public may be the last to know.

It is this edgy, uncomfortable feeling that arises in me now, which tells me how it is being consumed by the masses. All you can do for now is be an innocent bystander to what seems insane. Be mindful and know that getting emotional over what you cannot control will only get the best of you in the end.

This too shall pass......


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