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The Well of your Own Wisdom

Posted on February 9, 2021 at 8:35 AM

The answers lie within “The Well of your Own Wisdom”.

This leads me to that old saying; You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Why do you think that is? I would say, it is because they are not ready for your particular dose of truth. It may be that denial of the facts keeps them from quenching their own thirst due to an un-tempered ego. It could be that their pride at this particular time could not take the hit.

Oh, the human being and his divine gift of free will. This gift allows him to dwell in the circumstances of his own choices. That is part of human nature and the beauty of learning as we are each navigating a world of many.

I would say humanity as a whole wants the same thing, peace between themselves and their neighbors. They want to live as abundantly as they possibly can, yet all people are not in the same frame of mind all at the same time. We are all independently reaching for the same goal, yet how we get there is up to each of us.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves is to stand in the divine light of our own truth. This is where the well of our own wisdom allows us to drink freely of what we know as truth. Yes, we can share this truth with others, yet we cannot force them to believe it. What we can do is plant the seed and allow them to water it if and when they are ready to.

There is another saying that comes to mind here; When the student is ready the teacher will appear. This is what each of us are teachers of life’s experiences. Arbiters of truth as we know it to be. Yet as any good teacher would do, they will lead the student to the doorway and allow them to turn the handle. This is where a door will open up to them and offer them a threshold to cross when ready…..


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