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The Emotional Influence of Mercury Retrograde...

Posted on March 27, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Wow, Mercury sure has been busy stirring the emotional pot of the human being since moving in a reverse direction.

You may notice around you that the emotions of others and yourselves can rue the day and this can leave you feeling empty and depleted. This is where you can get stuck in the rut of the over-emotional state of being.

If you can become mindful of Mercury's influence here then you can coast along in a neutral position as Mercury continues walks backward.

I have noticed the emotions are running high for most people lately. I too have even been pushed to react from an emotional state of being and that serves no one but the ego.

If we can be mindful when our emotions begin to rise and not react at that moment we are better served until Mercury begins to move forward once again.

So for today be mindful of what is happening in the Heavens above you that are affecting all human beings on the Earth below. When you begin to feel out of sorts and a bit over-emotional just sit down, check in with self and know that this too shall pass....

The Seat of the Soul....

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 1:15 PM

When we are sitting in the seat of our own power the expansion of energy can be seen and felt by those around us.

When we are in the power center of our own soul's divine purpose the physical energy of the human being is amplified.

The auric field around the human being will expand and begin to radiate a warmth that can be seen by some and felt by all.

When you are in perfect alignment with source energy a change will come over you in a very powerful way.

This is after all the seat of the soul's wisdom where teachers are born, sages make their presence known and the gurus of this world will hold court from.

Not one aspect of this expansion is more powerful than another it is just the aspect that will serve the human being best that will take center stage.

So for today find out what that means for you and go with the flow as they say. Allow this powerful moment in time to birth a new aspect of self and if you can, share that spark of light with those around you.....

Just pick up the Telephone and say "Hello"

Posted on March 23, 2018 at 11:10 AM

Signs of Spirit's Presence.....

Everyone reading this today can tune in on a personal level to recognize and understand the impressions of the Spirit World. You do not need a Medium to do that for you, just pick up the telephone and say "Hello".

On a more serious note here is some helpful information so that you too can recognize for yourself that someone is trying to get your attention.

1. Ringing in the ears....This could be loud or subtle yet undeniable.

2. Goose Bumps

3. Cold or Warm Energy....It is not always Cold as the TV Shows would want you to believe.

4. The feeling that someone is near....This just means that yes they are.

5. A feeling in your gut or heart area...This is important to pay attention to as this becomes more of an urgent impression.

6. Hair standing up on your body.

7. A breeze out of now where.

8. A thought or impression upon your mind about someone or something.

9. Your animals may stare into space...They are not daydreaming they are seeing spirit so pay attention and tune in.

10. Candle's or Electric Lights Flickering....Spirit can manipulate both.

Now for the tricky part, learning how to decipher the difference of.....Is this someone that I know who has passed away or is this one of my guides, a part of my team trying to get my attention?

The deciphering part comes with practice but we all have the ability to understand who is with us and why they have shown up with a bit of practice. It is just like answering the telephone, you do not always know who may be on the other side of the call until the "Hello" is given and the same applies here.

Does this mean that you are now a Medium??? I would say no, not all of you but I can tell you this much.....We all have the ability to recognize signs from the spirit world for ourselves as we each were born with a telephone line to the other side where information is constantly flowing and that my friends is a fact....

A block is a limited perspective....

Posted on March 19, 2018 at 2:50 PM

I have heard so many people say to me during a reading

* I am blocked in this area of my life

* Something is blocking me what is it, I feel stuck

* My block is in my heart center I am working on it

So on and so forth, I think you get the picture.

I find it funny how everyone loves to use the word "Blocked" as a way to describe a limited way of thinking.

I myself do not believe in blocks nor do I use the word blocked. This is where one little word becomes empowered by the thoughts, and feelings that we put behind this very powerful implication.

I try to teach people who view themselves as blocked to change the way that they see the circumstance created behind it. I ask them to look deeper at the lesson or pattern of a learned behavior and change that instead.

When they can see how to change the way to what the are viewing as a block a person then becomes empowered. This is where the gates or barrier are lifted and they use change as the exchange for an unuseful word about self.

You see, the word block is easy to attach yourselves to and many in the metaphysical world like to use this word as a way to describe why someone may be stuck, knee deep in a lesson. Instead of identifying that, they tell the person you are blocked in your thinking that is why you can't make rational thoughts for example.

Can you see how damaging that word can be or even the inference of it to someone who is seeking a professionals guidance on an area in life???

I feel it is important to be mindful of the words that we use especially about self or towards others as words most definitely can stunt your growth.

So for today, I ask you to take a look at your own life and see the words that you are choosing to use. If you find that you have a negative implication behind any way you identify to an area of your life take a moment to remove it. Find a word that will allow the fluidity of change to present itself as the barriers are washed away so that a new viewpoint can present itself..... 

An Arthur Findlay Story of the Paranormal kind....

Posted on March 18, 2018 at 10:40 AM

Anyone who has visited The Arthur College in England can tell you that yes spooky things do occur and I thought today would be a perfect day to share one of a few that I had during my stay last year.....

Now you hear things like, don't walk around alone or if you don't believe in ghosts you are sure in for a surprise. There have been talks of apparitions, voices, changes in room temperature, ghosts in the graveyard and more.

Well, on my first evening there, I was not disappointed or let me say I was not expecting what happened to me to even be possible....

The College or Castle which I like to call it can be difficult to navigate and you can get turned around quite easily until you learn your way around. I wanted to go and see the Sanctuary which is where they do Spiritual Services, Lectures, and Mediumship Demonstrations. It was my first night there and I thought after dinner I would have a look around.

So I go through what seemed like hallway after hallway until I stumbled upon the Sanctuary. I found it to be a peaceful place and to my good fortune empty, so I had a seat and prayed for a bit. Before I left I snapped a photo and began to fumble my way through the hallways back towards what I thought was the dining hall.

As I began maneuvering through the hallways I saw an opening which I thought was the hallway out. As I proceeded forward in full stride I entered the passageway only to be stopped dead in my tracks. It was as if I ran straight into a wall which I know that I did because I saw it with my own two eyes. I was surprised that I didn't get knocked down by the force between myself and this wall out of nowhere that I did not see as I entered that hallway. The wall seemed odd like it was out of place, it had a humming sound just inside of the arches....I got a bit spooked and boogied it out of there toot sweet.

Now it gets really interesting......

So, I find my way to my room get some sleep and in the morning all of the tutors are gathered. I speak to one of them who works with the paranormal studies at the college and told her where I was which was right by the dining hall.

I said to her, how weird, last night I was trying to find my way back from the sanctuary and I was stopped dead by a wall but did not get injured. She looked at me, her eyebrows raised and asked....Where was this exactly and I told her. She said there is no wall that you speak of in that area but there are two locked doors just inside of the entryway and this was where all of the paranormal activity classes were taught because of the activity in that area!!!!

I said that can't be possible and when she showed me where I was there was no wall just two locked doors and a dresser that sat in between both!!!!

Kind of freaky to experience something so real as this wall of energy just presented itself to me the night before only to be gone the very next day.

So, this is one of a few paranormal experiences that I had in that week.

A wall of energy that presented itself to me and as a way to keep me from going any further than I belonged.....Hhhhmmmm things that do go bump in the night happen at the College for sure....

The Simple Path.....

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 9:55 AM

To be on the simple path means that you are on the path of allowing.....No endgame in sight, no preconceived notions of happiness, just moving through each day with an openness to the blessings that each day will bring.

I know in today's World so many people are seeking the spiritual aspect of one thing or another and I am allowed to watch the lives of these people through the magic of social media. I think to myself......It is so simple but why have we human beings made it so complicated!!!!

In the beginning, I never set out to be a medium, doing readings and looking to make a career out of it. I just was a medium but it wasn't a badge of any sort that I wore upon my clothing every day. It was a part of who I was and I am grateful for the simple way it revealed itself to me.

My public offerings of mediumship only happened when I was ready on a soul level and in its own perfect timing. I didn't take classes only geared towards mediumship, as a matter of fact, it was about a year ago that I took my first class on that subject.

It wasn't my desire to study that aspect of self because deep down inside I knew that I was more than just that. I took classes over the years based on what inspired and excited me. I took classes with the intent of learning something new that I could apply to my everyday human life in a spiritual way.

The work of my mediumship opened itself up to me when I was ready to do the work and this happened in the most natural of ways. Yes, I was and always have been connected to the spirit world in the form of communication abilities but there was so much work to do in between and part of the work was living each day as a human being first!!!

I allowed the simple path to teach me so many different things about life, spirit and the uncovering of the hidden aspects of myself. I allowed the simple path to become a part of my everyday life because I knew that I could not disregard my human self.

I always knew that the human part of my life was meant to be lived in the most authentic way possible and through the gift of my own ego I learned what worked for me and what did not.

In the end, you each have to find a way to connect to what matters to you most. Set up a disciplined action of mediation and journaling daily and allow your human self to lead you to those magical moments where the human self and the spiritual aspect collide......

What is your Mission Statement....

Posted on March 15, 2018 at 9:35 AM

If we are each Divinely Blessed and I do believe that we are.....What is your Mission Statement in this lifetime?

"I am the Beacon who Amplifies the Light within You"

This simply means that I share with you what I have learned along the way as I once stood, open and thirsty for the knowledge that you are now seeking.

In my own humble opinion, this is how the teachers of this lifetime step forward to assist this World as humanity evolves one light at a time.

This is how I see my part in the divine scheme of things as we each ignite, inspire, empower others through the wisdom gathered along the way.....

So what inspires you, drives you, excites you as you travel this road called life????

Please share if you wish to, where you find yourselves at right here and right now as you claim your rightful place within a World full of many.....

A Line in the Sand.....

Posted on March 13, 2018 at 1:50 PM

Why has it become so important to say I am Woman Hear me Roar or I am Man I Rule the World.....

What is the difference here???? What I see is only the ego stepping forward dictating we must empower one or the other as there can only be one King or Queen of the Hill.....

My question is this......Why????

Why is it so important to separate yourselves from the pack in order to lift yourselves up in this World???

Just an observation on my part of how balance, in my opinion, will never be restored if we continue to draw a line in the sand. When man or woman see themselves as superior to the other then it is only the ego's wicked way of saying.....Go, tell the World it is all or nothing....Tell the World that you are more powerful than your neighbor, friend, coworker, spiritual community.....Tell the World and claim your prize.

In this day and age you often hear people say.....I wish for World Peace or Peace among Nations.....Well, Peace begins and ends with each of us here and if we could each find a way to peacefully coexist in a World of many it is then that Peace will be the Ruler of this World that we live in....

In the end, the problem with drawing a line in the sand is that the water will eventually wash it away and you will have to start all over again from scratch....

The Teachers Love....

Posted on March 13, 2018 at 12:45 AM

Our teachers become one of our most important guideposts through this lifetime and when one enters your life you recognize the importance of that grace. They, in fact, become a treasured gift of a lifetime lived and by the grace of God you find your way to their table and partake in the meal that is served on that day.

A true teacher, as they say, will show you the way yet they will allow you to travel the road in a way that serves you best.

My spiritual teacher did just that and more as she leads me, guides me, shows me and teaches me. She did so in a way that was individual to me as she became the beacon who amplified the light within me. She became the example in which I desired to follow and through her example.....I become an extension of her teachings, her wisdom, her light, and of her love.

There can be no other way for when one lights the fire within you it is imperative that you share this light with others so that they too can flourish like you have. This is the way that teachers have taught throughout the ages and as Jesus taught the disciples they carried forth his wisdom so that all could be fed.

Her graceful way of connecting to the spirit world allowed me to see that I had helpers called guides, teachers who bestowed wisdom to each person who lived a human lifetime and that I was a soul on an individual path of learning.

Her ability to build a foundation beneath my feet was her greatest gift to me as she taught me about spiritual principles, timing in all things, the importance of ethics, and most importantly patience. She taught me the importance of disciplined action through journaling and meditation. She taught me when I show up to the classroom the teachers who are waiting for me in the spirit world will take notice of my desire to learn, grow and flourish.

I always say that I am one of the luckiest people on earth to have been able to sit with her for so many years and for that I am grateful. My teacher's teachings are a part of my core and like muscle memory, all I have to do is reflect and years of wisdom bubble to the surface.

She calls us her kids, her eyes sparkle like the sun hitting a pool of water on a bright summers day and her laughter could fill a room. Her love of the mystical, magical gift of spirit is what anchored her to what she had to teach her students. She was one of the rare ones and was spirit fed.

That was the key to her teaching, she allowed the spirit world to channel through her and like a faucet turned on high the stream flowed steady and strong.

Today I am thankful, grateful for her years of service and just wanted to honor her in a way that I can do best and this is it. There comes a day when a teacher steps away yet all I need to do is dial her up and I know that she will answer.

She taught us all that the love between two people is anchored in the heart center and even if we can't spend time together it is the love between us both that will keep us tethered to one another in this lifetime and beyond.....

The Healer.....My weekend experience with Spiritual Healer Pat Longo.....

Posted on March 12, 2018 at 12:55 AM

So I was fortunate enough to go and sit in a lecture with Pat Longo and I have to say it was worth every penny as she left a profound impression upon me along with a physical healing that could only be described as miraculous!!!!!

Let me go back in time so that you can get the bigger picture of my story here......Now back in the day during my childhood, I would hear stories of my Great Grandmother Petranella from Italy. The stories are full of lore and fantasy that you would think to yourself wow she must be made of magic.

We heard about how people would seek her out and behind closed doors, she would lay her hands upon them and would take their illnesses away. To get a healing from my Great Grandmother you would have had to hear about her as everything in those days was through word of mouth. Kind of like in a secret society but I heard she never turned a soul away.

During the healings, she would lay her hands upon the person and take on the physical conditions of the sick. The story has it that the symptoms would manifest themselves in her own body. After she was done they would leave her and she would return to her normal state of being. These healing sessions were very hard on her own physical body and I am sure that they took a toll on her as well.

We heard the tales of Al Capone and how she was his God Mother and would go to him when incarcerated to take the overlook off, which means remove the curse so he could go back on the streets free of any psychic debris. Al Capone was a regular visitor to my own grandparent's cottage in Wisconsin but that is a story for another day.

My Great Grandmother Petranella, as the story is told, had a special coin she used to keep in her pocket that was connected to her healing abilities and her healing sessions.

Now to see and witness Pat Longo was like being smack dab in the middle of the stories of a great-grandmother that I never knew. Her ability to heal is real and her profound love of God deep but shined brightly as she spoke of his influence in her own life. Two Catholic women one from days long past the other here, right in front of me and in my own lifetime!!!!

I thought to myself how can this be? Am I looking into the eyes of a familiar soul? Can this be the opportunity that I have long awaited for myself to see and witness the magical stories of healing that I heard so often told as a child?

All I can tell to you is this....When you least expect it you can expect those magic moments in life to present themselves. When you are open you can then receive. When you allow you are then in full surrender and free of the egos influence. When you are present and in the moment the past nor the future have no power here and this is where miracles happen.

The Spiritual Treasure Hunter.....

Posted on March 9, 2018 at 9:35 AM

Sometimes people get off track as they immerse themselves in their spiritual work and where their human life can suffer for it.

This is where a balance has been lost in the land of the living and before they know it some people are putting out fires that may have started due to their own exploration of the ultra spiritual.

At times people can forget that they are human beings first and begin to think that their soul's work is more important than their human lifetime and disregard the human side of life.

This is where chaos can begin to stir the pot as people who once called you friend have now forgotten your name. Or where the kid's lives may have run amuck due to the avoidance of being a parent first and a spiritual seeker second. Maybe even the disconnect between husband and wife occurs and the spiritual seeker goes on a quest to find a spiritual partner. The list goes on and on but I think you get the point.

It can be hard to ignore when a spiritual aspect makes its presence known to the human being because an awakening has occurred. This is when the human being then becomes the spiritual treasure hunter and throws caution to the wind as they move from one aspect of life and fully into another.

The awakening is a wonderful gift yet us human beings can tend to think with the ego first as we march head first into the unknown. This is where the balance of your human side of life can suffer as your excitement becomes your passion and your everyday life can seem burdensome.

My advice for the spiritual seeker is this.....

You must learn how to live both aspects of self as you find a way to allow the spiritual to merge with the physical and you give equal attention to both. If you can do this then your soul will flourish yet fall too heavily upon your spiritual journey and your own soul's gift of a human lifetime is squandered away.....

The Image of Oneness.....

Posted on March 8, 2018 at 10:10 AM

As I sit here this morning, in the silence of my own mind and surroundings I can feel a sense of peace overcome me.

The feeling is like when one thing shifts away from another and I can feel that change is upon me.

It is like a prayer is about to be answered yet I am also filled with a bit of nervousness about the unknown.

It is that feeling between oh no and oh yes, but what is it, what news is about to be delivered to me.

Is it good news, it is bad, will it benefit me are questions I begin to ask myself. My humanness in a hurry for the answer, my spirit self-peeking my awareness, my soul already in alignment for what is to be.

I am in tune with the internal nudges of my own intuition as my heart tells me the story before the story unfolds in real time.

I have been awakened by the work of self-discovery as I have allowed my spirit to rise from within and become a part of my everyday life.

I have moved more fully into the oneness of self and all that it encompasses as flesh and blood become intertwined with the energy of spirit itself.

So for today be mindful of your own internal nudges and when they make their presence know acknowledge them so that you to can move in the direction of oneness. This is where the true meaning of "you complete me" comes into play as nothing external of self can ever complete the soul's perfection......

The lesson of the Day is......

Posted on March 7, 2018 at 8:45 AM

Lessons are around us daily and they are there to teach us about self and life.

Some lessons are learned from a personal action, some are learned by going up against the powerful and others are learned as we observe others.

It does not matter how the lesson presents itself it is how we respond to the experience that will benefit us most.

In the end, we just have to see how the experience will enhance our own lives in one way or the other.

So for today, don't see your lessons as a problem, see them as an opportunity to learn on a multitude of levels...

The Gates of Heaven....

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 12:15 AM

I saw your soul standing in line just outside of the gates of heaven.

There were many standing with you as you each were waiting patiently for your own turn to enter.

I saw you smile, anxiously awaiting your turn in line, looking ahead and not behind you, your soul knowing that your earthly life was a journey of learning, short but oh so sweet.

I knew that you were standing between both heaven and earth, not quite ready just yet as your time on the earth plane was hanging in the balance.

People you loved saying their final goodbyes, tears of loss becoming pools of grief yet you already know the next phase of your own soul's journey.

I heard your thoughts for those left behind, felt your love of family pouring from you, wishing that they could feel beyond the pain of loss and connect to the love of a life lived.

I saw the understanding in your own soul's perfection as you recognized both feet were now in one place......Heaven.

There was no fear, no sorrow, no ego only love.

The only concern is to say....Let them know that I have arrived, let them know that I have made it. Let them know my love will never leave them, let them remember how to celebrate and not to grieve for very long.

I now see you standing on the other side of the pearly gates with familiar faces and beings of light.

I see you preparing to move into another phase of life as you review all that was and prepare for all that is to be.

I hear your voice saying.....I am not far away, be open to my visit for I insist you allow me to help you through this difficult time.

I see the selflessness of your spirit, your soul's perfection as you choose to stay with those you love for as long as it takes.

This is where you will be with them, to gently guide them through the loss of your human self and into the acceptance of....It's never goodbye it is only until we will meet again in this world or the next...

The Healer within....

Posted on March 4, 2018 at 10:50 AM

To truly understand healing each healer I feel needs to experience the power of healing self first. We cannot be a guiding light in a modality until we have had a personal and moving experience through that modality.

Yes, the heart of the healer is born into the physical lifetime yet how do we teach about what we have not experienced first hand???

In my humble opinion like all spiritual gifts, we must first sit with the healer within so that we can understand the heart of the healer's path.

When a healer does this it is then that the healer can move more fully into the practice of their healing art and when experienced can then become the teacher of its wisdom.

Healing like any other gift needs to be nurtured and grown by those who wear its cloak for just like a baby they must first learn to crawl so that they can then learn to walk.....

The Ego.....Friend or Foe.....

Posted on March 2, 2018 at 10:45 AM

"I Am that I Am and I Am all that I Choose to Be"

This definition explains the ego in such a beautiful way and as I Am guided to believe, the ego is the driving force behind each man, woman, and child.

The ego is, after all, an intricate part of each human being and it is the ego that propels people to their highest of highs and their lowest of lows.

The ego does not discriminate as the ego treats each person in a fair and balanced way yet at times the unbalanced ego can trip a person up.

It is my belief that the untempered ego that can steer you in the wrong direction or does it?

Each time the ego presents itself it does so in a way that at times we don't even recognize its influence. We just continue to carry on with our ingrained patterns of behaviors and beliefs as we move along and live our lives.

It isn't until we recognize when a pattern of behavior or certain belief systems just don't vibe with our lives anymore that we move towards change.

This is where the ego will test and challenge us as it tries like hell to hold onto the old as we move more fully into the new.

The ego never forgets and even when we do our best to change we can at times slip backward to those old comfortable ways of living.

So for today look upon the ego as a friend and not a foe yet put it in a place that can benefit you most. This simply means temper the wild child from within and allow it to guide you into living a life of opportunity and abundance as you both learn to work and live comfortably with one another.......

My Scars become the reminder......

Posted on February 28, 2018 at 10:55 AM


Your scars are now wounds that have healed over yet they become the reminder of how we have lived, learned and grown into who we are today.

See your scars only as the battlefield of your yesterdays as they have helped to define your strength in every way.

It is your scars that have delivered you to where you are today as they have helped to elevate your own soul's light so that you could find your way.

So when you are faced with a reminder and the past haunts your day just place your own hand over the scars and ask, please show me the way.

When you feel the scars presence beating just beneath the surface say thank you for teaching me and showing me the way to becoming my perfect me of today......

Be the best 'Version' of you!!!!

Posted on February 22, 2018 at 10:50 AM

Your purpose is an evolving state of being and as one portion is realized another aspect of your purpose will present itself.

You see your purpose is not composed of only one thing it is after all, multifaceted.

You will begin to see that as you grow it to grows along with you.

As you change it changes to and as you mature it matures as well as it grows to its full potential.

Everyone gets hung up on what is my purpose and believes it is only one or two things.....Well, I can tell you that this is just not so.

For example......As the healer moves his or her own way through the exploration of their ability it changes from the beginning stages of recognition to a full-blown exploration of one aspect and onto the next. You see the healer who uses his or her gift will learn how it works and then make it their own. The healer never stays in the same energetic space for very long as the power of the energy shifts and changes along with their own growth on a human and spiritual level.

The healer may be drawn to one modality and as the modality gives to them all that it can the healer will pull from a deeper level of self to reveal the next phase of their own journey. The healer will realize that not only can they do this work but other buds that are interconnected to their purpose will begin to blossom from this one perfect aspect of self.

So for today......Be open to the bigger question of what can I do to utilize what God has blessed me with. What can I do to bring forth the beauty of my own internal wisdom and create an external expression of what I know to be true for me......

I want to be.......

Posted on February 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM

What inspires you....What do you want to be when you grow up.....

This is a question I always like to ask little kids......What do you want to be when you grow up as I find it a perfect avenue to tap into their own soul's greatness.

The beautiful part about the soul's greatness is that it is always available to us.....Inspiring us from the depths of our being.

Now some people just are not sure what they want to be or maybe they just aren't awakened to the fullness of the spirit within them just yet.

Be mindful that it doesn't matter how or when inspiration strikes us it just matters that we recognize it when it does.

Sometimes you may hear.....I never dreamed this was even a possibility before now or why did it take so long to come true.

You may even hear.....I wish this could have happened 20 years ago when I was younger to really enjoy it.

Well, I believe that we are never truly ready until we are ready, plain and simple. For me, no truer words were ever spoken as I had a lot of things to do to prepare for the road I find myself traveling upon right now.

This road I hoe is my of my own choosing and birthed from my own inspired thoughts and feelings. This road I now travel is born of pure desire and all the steppings stones that were placed before me were laid by my own two hands. This well-traveled road was built out of pure love for myself and that is as it should be.

Now this road may not be the road that others understand or even desire to travel with me and that is ok....Why you may ask....Because it is my journey and it was meant to be experienced on an individual level yet the company of others is always welcomed to walk along with me.

So for today ask yourself this......What is it that I desire to be when I grow up and see where your thoughts lead you to. It is in that moment that inspiration will strike you and like a bolt of lightning, a fire is built beneath your own two feet.....

Compassion for the Weary.....

Posted on February 20, 2018 at 10:15 AM

As I sit here this morning my thoughts bring me to this......

We can never save another person from themselves yet they have the power to change everything when they are ready to and not a moment beforehand.....All we can do is cheer them on from the sidelines as we watch, hope and pray for the best.....

Everyone has had a struggle in life at one point in time and how we each got through those turbulent moments was an individual journey.

The journey encompassed learning on a multitude of levels yet the outside eyes that may have been upon us did not fully understand our internal struggle.

The journey was one of solitude as we found ways to cope with our own circumstances.

As I sit here at a point in time with the wisdom of the past to support me now I know the only way to help another is to allow them to come to the well for a drink when they are thirsty.

This simply means that not one single person who may be standing where I once stood will ever hear my voice or words of wisdom until they are ready to.

They will continue on their own journey of learning as I sit on the sidelines and send them energy to use as they choose to use.

My door will remain open to them and when their own moment of change is upon them it is then that I can assist them from my own personal point of view.

So for today if someone close to you is struggling the greatest gift we can give to them is understanding, patience, and an open door policy so that when they are ready, willing and able to we can each join together to move the mountains that stand before us.....

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, depression, or in some kind of downward spiral in life check in with them today and let them know that someone cares......