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Ruffled Feathers.....

Posted on January 5, 2023 at 8:45 AM

We are in the Thick of It!!!!

We have intense energy this morning so buyers beware as they say.

Look for miscommunications, misunderstandings, and ruffled feathers especially close to home.

This means to be mindful of your words and pay attention to the energy that they are produced from. You may find yourself short on patience and take it out on someone close to you via work or family. If you are driving in traffic, slow down!!!! Road rage will be an issue this morning and throughout the day. Just take a breath if you find yourself frustrated and know that this too shall pass.

If you are feeling it, then you are aware of it, and you are responsible for what comes from you!!! You may also find yourself apologizing for speaking out of turn as they say.

Have a good day everyone and find a way to coast through this frictional energy....

Cast Out of the Garden of Eden....

Posted on December 24, 2022 at 11:15 AM

Cast out of the Garden of Eden

"No 2/Two Souls are alike, yet they are all equal in Measure.

Fear not, Fret not..... for your World is not coming to an end. It is unfolding in ways where the flaws of Men are Revealed.

This is where and when those who do not trust themselves and discern, that all things are laid Bare/Bear!!!!

Those who have fallen have an opportunity to Stand, yet Sadly some will remain in a Docile Position, and where the lessons that Will Befall them will BE Harder and more Difficult than their Neighbors".........

Prophetic Word Channeled on 12/23/2022

The Magic in Surrender.....

Posted on December 22, 2022 at 8:10 AM

What are you wishing for this Christmas Season???

Is the wish for yourself, or someone/something else???

When we put our energy towards any desire, there must be a clear path in which our prayers/requests must follow.

There has to be the ask, of course.

There needs to be an outcome, what we are hoping for.

And there needs to be faith that your wish/desire will be fulfilled in its own perfect timing and not your own.

Years ago, my Miss Jackie taught me all about how this worked. She would gently remind me that I needed to get out of my own way to allow the divine hand of God to be present in the outcome. Now she used to call it the Universe and where she guided each of her students from that perspective. She was wise enough to know that all people's belief systems are individual to themselves, and so do I.

So, however, you choose to look at the way hopes, dreams, and desires are fulfilled, know that it is from a personal expression of your own belief system where they will come to pass.

This is a great tool to work with over the Winter Solstice. Look at it as a gift to yourselves as you find the Magic in Surrender.

Disciplined Love

Posted on October 27, 2022 at 12:00 AM

I did a reading for a lady last night, her father leaving his wisom in the form of bread crumbs to follow.

He connected her to her childhood. A creek with amber colored water, the place her took her to fish, and where she caught turtles with her hands. Reminding her about the importance of the lesson; learning how to fish and allowing nature to be her guide.

The closing message he wanted to gift to his favorite daughter was this... When trying to help another, tough love is not always the way. He continued, the people you are withholding your love from need to want to change, as change can't be forced by withholding anything, especially love. Disciplined love is the only way to reach someone. For as they may be used to things being handed to them, you now have the opportunity to teach them how to work for it.


I am sharing this with all of you today for a reason. It is to help those who may be struggling with helping a loved one through a difficult situtation. His message can help you to gain a clear perpective from his wisdom filled words, if you are opened to hearing them yourselves.


Disciplined Love versus Tough Love..... You decide which version of Love can be best utilized and doled out <3

The Road to Faith needs to be Rebuilt.....

Posted on July 18, 2022 at 9:15 AM

"Stay the course!!!! Many have fallen away from their spirituality and connection to God/Source, and all new avenues towards a deeper understanding of their own divinity have been put on hold.

Fear and fear-mongering have been placed within their hearts where the eternal flame within has been dimmed. It has happened WorldWide and no man has gone untouched.

It is the faithful and those who have chosen to be the light for others who feel as if they are spinning their wheels. I / We can assure you this is not the case but like any storm that has touched a community of people, the ground needs to be dried out and roads restored.

This takes time and manpower, and the manpower has been usurped and where they scramble to secure their future and have moved towards that avenue. Fear again is the driving force and where many are questioning their own place upon the path such as yourself.

Stay tucked beneath the cloak of humility and allow that cloak to guide you during these uncertain times upon your planet.

The ship will eventually right itself and you will see a bigger picture, and your own place and energy lent during these times now"

Channeled July 18th, 2022

Prophetic Word....May 10, 2022

Posted on May 10, 2022 at 8:20 AM

The Dam is about to Break and all of the lies that have been fed are washed away with the nonpotable water that they are washed within.

It is not as if they are washed away and forgotten. No Dear One, they are Placed into the Bathwater of the Baby and thrown out for humanity to consume.

This is where they Cannot Be Overlooked and where each person's abundant nature Internalized, Digested and Regurgitated as they Realize that they have Eaten a piece/bite of the Poison Apple. Like Adam and Eve, they are now Naked and will feel the Shame for/of their own actions as Discernment was tossed in the Trash by them.

The Blinders Removed so the Eyes Can SEE!!!

The Ears Unplugged to Hear The Truth!!!

The Mouths of the Liars become Tongue Tied for they will no longer Be Able to Spin their Version of the Truth.

Blessed Be those whose Ears, Eyes, and Hearts are opened to My Truth and where Universal Law is dished/delved Out in Accordance to/for their Wicked Crimes againist Humanity.

Prophetic Dream.....

Posted on April 30, 2022 at 9:40 AM

Something "Sold" behind the scenes and during the Obama Adminstrations Tenure will come to light. It will be "Parroted by a Woman" (she spills the beans). Look for New Zealand to be involved along with one or two other countries that are "Raw Sugar" exporters.

Sybolism in the dream was: A red raincoat being waved over a burnt red wheel barrel which magically filled with raw sugar. A mans voice warning me twice that Obama had purchased 2 for sale signs. A pure White Umbrella Cockatoo flying overhead and landing on my arm. The bird flew off, leading me towards a behind the scenes meeting. A mans long outstreatched arm handing a woman 2 for sale signs. She was dressed in a construction safety vest. She placed the signs on the chair and intently listened to the instructions given by the long armed man (symbolic for Obama). A connection to someone with the intitals of K. K. 

The Duality of Symbolism..... Prophetic Vision

Posted on April 16, 2022 at 6:50 AM


Early this morning around 6 am, I was pulling into my subdivision when a red bird on the ground, caught my eye near the stop sign. As I drew closer I noticed a red cardinal sitting near the curb. As I proceeded through the stop sign, the cardinal flew in front of my vehicle and where I thought I had hit it. I looked down and it was walking on the pavement next to my car's window.


I drove home, grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat outside with my journal when in the darkness a cardinal shows up at my bird feeder. The bird goes to the ground, hops around for a bit, and then flies off.


This happened just before the sunrise and when it was still dark outside. I was nudged to begin writing. I felt there was an importance to the presence of the cardinal this morning.


" Something Hidden Revealed..... On a Grand Scale and connected to the Church.


Those whom are referred to as Holy Men have been corrupted and their Cloaks fall away. ( Look to a scandal on a mass scale to be revealed and those in red robes to be stripped of their garments)


The Scales of Injustice will no longer fall in their favor, as Universal Law now places a Weight on that scale. ( Those who have skirted the law will no longer have the ability to do so)


The Vatican Cracks and then Crumbles for no longer can they Use My Name to House Evil Doings". ( I was shown a physical crack in a main wall of the Vatican from floor to ceiling)


I was given the impression that something around the Pope and or the Cardinals who gather at the Vatican will be exposed on some level. I also feel that the crack was a physical one, and the structure was affected in some manner as well.


Seeing how we are coming into what is known as Easter and is symbolic of the "Resurrection of Christ" I wanted to share these words and visions with you today. When universal law presents itself, it means that physical world laws have been abused and a balance or course correction is inevitable.

God's hand is always moving and touches all things created. His omnipotent pours in with a Grace even when things seem bleak. This is when His Omnipresence is felt Worldwide.

Inflation....Prophtic Word

Posted on March 26, 2022 at 6:50 AM

The Participant of such will Be No Worse for the Wear......Yet the Wear is Where the True test in Strength of a Nation comes to the fore and Presents itself.

Hunker Down and learn to Ration for when you can learn how to survive on less, you will move through the process more easily.

The Stinger of Inflations Poison is already placing a stranglehold on many including yourself, yet know that this too shall pass.

One in a half years (1 1/2) from now (September 2023) is the milestone to correct the course of destruction set in motion by those wishing to steal a Country's Wealth......But to no avail.

In six months' time (September 21st, 2022) a Rallying Cry will be heard from those who have blinders on today when they realize that their false idols have led them astray.

It is then and only then when the War against Humanity can and will Be Won!!!!!

Channeled on March 21st, 2022

Prophetic Word

Posted on March 14, 2022 at 8:30 AM

It is 8:09 am on March 14th 2022 when I smelled the scent of curry and spices.....

***Connection to India

***World Event

***Everything is not what it seems

There are many who claim to speak the truth, but they are soothsayers in disguise, Deceivers who have cast a spell upom the Believers.

False Prophets!!!!

It is the Spell that must Be Broken in order for the Hidden to Be Revealed to Ye!!!!

***Look to India

***Prophecy / Prophet 

***A man of Humilty

***A Community Rises

It is from this comminity that the Land will Be Shaken and where my Hand Revealed.

I have cloaked some from fame and fortune so that the truth would have a platform on which to be Displayed when the Time Emerges.

These will Be the Heros of your World as the Light, My Light will Be Seen through and Can Not Be Denied......

Channeled March 14th, 2022

Mercury Retrograde Reflections......

Posted on January 23, 2022 at 8:15 AM

There is a beautiful aspect to a Mercury Retrograde Cycle which is the truth always comes out. No matter who is trying to keep a secret agenda, the timing becomes ripe for the reveal.

Try to pull the wool over someone else's eyes, they will see it.

Try to keep your true intentions hidden, they will be revealed.

Try to take advantage of a family member or a friend, the trust between you can become broken


The true intentions of every aspect that touches our lives during the retrograde cycle have the potential to shine a light on the truth. This doesn't mean that you will find out every single misdeed aimed in your direction. It just means that when the other person's or entity's hand doesn't hold any face cards, their poker face gives them away.

The only way they can win the game this time around is if they have an Ace High over their low cards to create a flush. But remember, it is only a temporary slide of hand trickery and like any good lie, their poker face was strong.

Pay attention to World Events, workplace rules and regulations, and where the powerful are trying to take advantage of the little guy. This time around those aspects seems to be popping worldwide.

On a smaller scale look closer to home and see where the manipulators are trying to maintain power over you. It is a great opportunity to take your power back and send them off to lick their wounds. On an even bigger scale, look to see who is licking their wounds in the stock market. You may have to do a bit of digging but the reveal is worth the search.

So for the next 12 days, keep your head down but remain aware. If there is a change you personally need to make, take advantage of the timing for yourselves.

The (RE) in retrograde means we get a do-over in many areas of our lives.

This time around, you may be looking at where you may have gone left instead of turning right. You may realize that your pride was too big and you are given an opportunity to course-correct. This now becomes a great time to make things right with others. It is where you may finally see the errors of your ways. You will also see who in your life is willing to forgive but not forget.

In closing, even if it hurts your heart to admit you were wrong or even forgive a betrayal, this is a great time to clear away the karma that has been created between you and another person.

Frozen in Time.....

Posted on January 22, 2022 at 11:30 AM

I woke up to a covering of ice this morning and it brought me back to my time in Illinois.

But, here in NC by the coast, this is a rare event I am being told.

I decided to walk outside because I love the reminder of where I came from. It was during my quiet walk in nature when I noticed this tiny acorn on my oak tree and where my spirit began to stir.

I heard the words, "Frozen in Time" followed by the words "Growth has been Stunted".

I sat with this to gain more clarity and was given a glimpse of the last 2 years. It reminded me of how we have all been frozen in time and where our own growth individually, has been stunted.

That being said, symbology in nature is important to pay attention to. This is where we are given a clearer picture of where change needs to be implemented. It shows us how time and life are precious and just like that, all things can change when the wind shifts course.

I personally feel that we are all in for a big shift this year. I also believe that we should each be prepared should a storm hit close to home.

Yes, some of you may be saying a storm has already hit the World. But I am being guided to believe that the storm which awaits you has not yet been revealed.

Storms come in all shapes and sizes and those who can tune into that which awaits you are the people who are prepared for whatever is to come.

Don't become like the young acorn, frozen in time. Be the one who can recognize the shifts so you can be the light for those who are ill-prepared.


Twin Flame Phenomenon

Posted on November 30, 2021 at 1:05 PM

No two souls are a like, not even what is deemed a "Twin Flame".

For the soul has never split from itself, it just mirrors itself in the like energy of others.

Too many of you Human Beings have wandered so far left or right that Source Energy has become seperate from you.

If there were two of the same identical Soul Blue Print, it would be considered an Authentic Clone, which there are none.

People from your world dwell to frequently in the fantasy of the minds energy and unauthentic truth. This is where they try to place blame on seperation from what they call their other half/1/2 for their fallacies and misdeeds.

Know this Dear Lady; The Soul is Perfect and not in Seperate Pieces, yet some only come to find this truth after Death from the Human Form occurs......

Channeled November 27th, 2021

The Needle and the Thread.....

Posted on November 7, 2021 at 4:50 AM

Hope is the Needle

Faith is the Thread

It's when the the Needle pierces the fabric that Faith is Woven in ~ Jesus

Channeled November 7th, 2021

I woke up to these powerful words at 4:20 am and I knew they needed to be recorded. It was like a trumpet was being blown, an anouncement to grand not to share. The good news written on the headlines of the Sunday morning paper. When I hear the clarity of the words spoken, a stir from within prompts me to act. My action is in the sharing of what is so beautifully and divinely shared with me. 

Be mindful of this, we each hold the needle and at times we search for the spool of thread. Once the thread is found, and moved through the eye of the needle the fabric is ready to be sown. Faith is an invisible force within us and once accessed it cannot be denied.

The Rebirth of Humanity.....

Posted on October 29, 2021 at 8:25 AM

Your Planet...... Your World......

Is about to be inundated with Massive / Many False Prophets and where the Trumpets Blown are Not AUTHENTIC!!!!!

Buyer Beware for the Word of God is spoken through some / many But Not By All---------------

Pay Attention, Discernement is of utmost Importance at This Time, for your World will Crumble Before She is Birthed Again!!!!!!

Channeled October 29th, 2021

I Am The Light has been Featured

Posted on October 18, 2021 at 6:10 PM

Anchors of Light.....

Posted on October 9, 2021 at 8:45 AM

Things must be Un-Done in order for things to be Re-Built

Humanity has taken a hit and people / humans have strayed away from God / The Lord in such a way where they have become Dis-Connected

The way to Re-Store connection is to Dis-Connect them from the Illusion / Illusionary world they have bought into.

Once Dis-Connected, people will stumble and fall, some harder than others. This will make some Scream Out in fear as they will call out His Name, and where some will do so In Vain.

Suffering / Plague / Rebuke

The Anchors must stay grounded, for they will become the Guiding Light back towards Him and where a World will once again be Re-Stored

Channeled on October 3rd, 2021

Tempering the Ego.....

Posted on August 18, 2021 at 8:30 AM

This morning as I sit here and I ponder the world around me, I can sense where I too have been thrown off balance.

The he said, she said, they said, can get the best of any person.

The opinions of one going against the grain of another and the hate-filled rhetoric between people exploding.

People forgetting how to peacefully coexist within a world of many, this guidance, falling on deaf ears.

The personal right of choice has gone out the window. The shaming of those who want to choose for you becomes abrasive upon the human spirit.

One set of humans pitted against the other and where the neutral cannot help but feel the pain of all.

This is heavy stuff and all people from around the World, not just you or I, are in the mix of things.

You may be wondering when will it all end?

How do we correct the course we have been traveling?

Why have we forgotten to take the time to float within the "Zone" of our spirituality so that we

can connect to our own truth?

Why are we allowing others to tell us whether we are right or wrong, and where we have become

so quick to anger?

How can we disconnect ourselves from this energy to see the bigger picture?

As my Miss Jackie used to tell me, when the grain of another person's beliefs begins to push you around

it is your job to move away from the fray. She would tell me that when someone has cast their judgment

upon you I should become mindful of this; "It is their perfect problem to deal with and not yours".

She would tell me that each person has a truth deep within them and that it is not anyone's job to convince another person to follow their way. She would remind me that we each have something of value to learn from the path that we are traveling now, and it is up to you to discern this truth for yourself. She would then wink and chuckle from the other side of the table.

As I type these words, I can feel her sweet presence beside me. It is like sitting for a reading with her as I travel into the memories of the past. One teacher, my teacher, whose words resonate deeply with my own truth. The reminder is that there are many paths to follow and it is by choice as to where I place my own foot.

Never forget the elders who came before you. Those who have gifted you with nuggets of wisdom to carry within your hearts and minds for a lifetime. Those who have taught you how to go within for the answers. This is where they have shown you that the outside world is an exterior expression of multiple opinions.

Your truth, their truth, and the creation of the pathways that those in power want you to follow.

I am reminded here of my own free will. It is my choice whether I jump into the fray or I sit this one out. It does not mean that you should not stand for something. It just means that you should not allow yourselves to be drawn into an internal battle with your own beliefs.

Never allow another person to quiet your own intuitive voice of reason as you allow others the same freedoms. This is a tricky path to follow as our own truth is begging to be heard, yet the groups of souls locked into one side or the other have something of value to gain from their experience.

So for today, if you find yourselves drawn to speak out, do so from a place of peace within you. This is where you can offer up an opinion without the need to change the course of another person's lesson to learn....

So Sayeth the Lord.....

Posted on May 16, 2021 at 9:25 AM

It is in the shade of the tree where I will shelter you...

It is in the cool of the breeze where I will bestow rest for you...

It is in the warmth of the sun where I will guide you...

It is in the light of the day where I will provide for you...

It is in the dark if the night where I will replenish you...

For the Human Spirit is just that, Flesh, Blood, and Light combined so Sayeth the Lord...

Building Blocks of Faith.....

Posted on May 1, 2021 at 8:35 AM

Faith is an unseen force that can move Mountains.....

When we get lost in our faith, it is our faith which can carry us over any terrain.

Faith gives us strength beyond any measure and sustains us when we are in need. 

Our faith is the building block that creates the foundation of our home.

Our home, when looked at from an internal perspective can give us a hope when in need of faiths grace.

When in tune with this truth the human being realizes that all things are possible through him.