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Patty Horton
Medium, Trance Medium and Spiritual Teacher

Awaken the spirit within you as you feed from the table of 
wisdom and knowledge......

I want to welcome you to my website, I hope you enjoy your stay.....

I offer many different Services and Workshops.......

Below is a list of what I am currently offering during the year of 2018...........

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Mediumship Readings

 Private Sessionsth

3 Person Group Reading

 Phone Consultations

 Skype Sessions

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 Mentorship Program

4 week Program or Individual Sessions are Available 

 Gallery or Group Readings

  Intimate Home Galleries

 Private Parties

  Corporate Event 

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Sunshine from Heaven Tour

September 22nd 7pm Lombard Illinois

Psychic Tools of the Trade Class

Spetember 25th 7 pm to 9 pm Lombard Illinois

Palm Readings with Medium Patty Horton

Ocotober 10th 5pm to 9pm Woodstock Illinois

 Reiki Energy a Master Class with Reiki Master Patty Horton

October 16th 7 pm to 9 pm Lombard Illinois

A Journey into the Magic Mirror Gallery Event

October 30th 7 pm to 9 pm Lombard Illinois

Mediumship Demo with Medium Patty Horton

November 4th 7 pm to 9 pm Woodstock Illinois 

The Spiritual Man a Master Class with Medium Patty Horton

November 15th 7 pm to  9 pm Lombard Illinois

Ask Patty.....

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Reiki and Trance Healing

Please contact Patty Directly for Sessions and Classes for Healing 

I also have some great practitioners that I can refer you to as well.... 

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A book of guidance on how to heal your relationships.....

Unconditional Love by Patricia Horton

Give yourself a gift in this year by connecting to the essence of Unconditional Love...........This great little eBook is available at Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble  and more.............

May your days be peaceful and filled with much love!!!!!!!!

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