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 The Gathering Lighthouse 
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 Tuesday Evening Classes with Medium Patty Horton

The Gathering Lighthouse

26 N. Park Ave.

Lombard, Illinois 60148

For full details on these classes please visit my Meetups page or go to my Facebook Page and click on events. Full details will be given at both of these social media pages..... 

Happening Now!!!!

Pendulum Class Oct. 24th....

Signs, Signs every where are Signs

5 Week Series Signs & Symbols

November 14th &  28th, December 12th & 26th, January 9th

Inspired Writers Series 4 Week Class

January 23rd., February 13th & 27th, March 13th

Please join Patty for a bi weekly Development Circle where we will vibe together as a group and grow together as a whole. During your time together Patty will take you each and every week into a Guided Group Meditation and connect you with your Spirit Guides and Teachers as we prepare ourselves for the work in class. Patty will tell you that meditation is key and a discipline she believes is important to each and every person as a way to develop a rapport with your Guides and Teachers in the Spirit World as you develop your individual gifts. Each week we will cover different topics and do some different exercises as a way to connect you the tools that are available to you as you open up to the beauty within you.

This circle is not just for the Medium in training it is for the Healers, the Empaths, the Intuitives and the Novices. Please know that when you gather together as a group all levels of development are enhanced and amplified as we learn from one another and get the opportunity to practice our individual development in a safe and loving environment. There is no requirements to be a part of this circle, all I ask is that you come to class with an opened mind and a loving heart and understand that Spirit will take care of the rest. You all have a team of guides within the Spirit World waiting for the chance to work with you and this class is a great opportunity to open the door to your own personal development as you allow your gifts to blossom.

These classes will be expansive as we build upon our own developments as the week’s progress. I ask you to be kind, gentle and loving with yourselves as you grow within the group for there is no hurry and you will develop at your own pace. Be prepared to have fun and to make new friends as we share our experiences within this loving environment.

Please bring your journals and a pen to write with each week as journaling will become a part of your daily work for it is through the pen and onto the paper that the wisdom from within each of you will be revealed as you come

 into your own.

Class time is 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

$30.00 per Week to Attend

Tuesdays Evenings

August 8th & 22nd, September 12th & 26th, October 10th & 24th, November 14th & 28th, 

December 12th, 2017 January 9th & 23rd 2018

Cash or Credit is accepted at the door 

There is a 4% service fee charged for all credit card payments 

Disclaimer for all classes is located at the bottom of web page

In Trance with Patty Horton Experiential Group

October 8th, November 12th, December 10th 2017

Join Trance Medium Patty Horton for this experiential group of souls as further development of the Trance Control is explored. Each student will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your own place within the work as you grow into your own perfection.

For those who have been working with the Trance Control and would like to develop the connection, communication, and healing ability on a deeper level this class is for you.

This is not a beginner class and we will be working with sitting in the power of the Trance Control. We will also be working with trance healing and on our own ability to communicate from a Trance perspective.

Trance Mediumship is a great way to enhance your Mental Mediumship as you gain the ability to speak wisdom from your own team and become that direct channel and flow of infinite guidance and wisdom during your readings. Also for the healer in you the trance control will open the doorway to allow the spirit world to step forward and assist you in your own work through the laying on of hands.

If you have worked with Trance Mediumship and are looking for a group to grow and practice within please join us for this monthly circle as we grow this community of Trance Mediums and open the doorway to that intimate relationship with our own team of spirit guides and teachers which I lovingly refer to as your Council…..

2nd Sunday of the month

7 pm to 9:30 pm

$40.00 to Attend

Explore the Extraordinary with June & Patty

Monday Evening Series

7 pm to 9 pm

The Gathering Lighthouse

26 N. Park Ave., Lombard Illinois

$30.00 to attend

One monday each month June & Patty will pull together their years of experience and offer to the students an opportunity to explore the world of divination tools as a way to invoke spirit communication!!!

They are honored to work with one another as they empower the student to utilize the tools available to them as the student fully grow                                                                               into their own perfection....

****All proceeds are payable to The Gathering Lighthouse and can be done at the door or via their website****

September 18th****Working with the Ouija Board

October 30th****Halloween Seance

Mediumship Demonstration with Psychic Medium Patty Horton


$25.00 to Attend

The Gathering Lighthouse

26 N. Park Ave.

Lombard, Illinois 60148

Please join Patty for a very unique evening of Mediumship Demonstration as she opens herself up for those who gather together and she invites you into her world for just a moment while she communicates with those in the Spirit World.

Patty is a gifted Medium, Trance Channel, Spiritual Teacher & Healer who works closely with her Spirit Guides and Master Teachers as this was a part of her formal training and she is known to tell you that they have much to say. During your time together she will convey the messages for those who she calls helpers in the Spirit World as she becomes the vessel as a way to assist in giving to you insights into your own life’s journey.

Patty also has the ability to communicate with your crossed over loved ones as well and she asks you to view the visit from those that you love as a gift. It is through these messages that are delivered from those who have crossed over that often times becomes the salve upon the hearts of the receivers. It is through these messages that our loved ones step forth to help create an opportunity for a healing to take place on a multitude of levels here in the physical world.

What to Expect during this Event:
• Mediumship Readings by Patty
• Guided Group Meditation channeled through Patty
• Question and Answer Session
• Experiencing the Power of the I Am Presence

We want you to know that this is not just a Gallery Event it is more than that…. This an opportunity to meditate, learn and experience Patty’s abilities as a Medium. It is also an opportunity to learn more about your own place within this world and hopefully answer those questions that you may have for yourself.
We hope that you can join us for this very intimate and unique evening of mediumship as everyone is sure to walk away with a greater understanding of this work as Patty shares her gifts with each of you on this night.
Please know that not everyone is guaranteed a reading at a Demo Event yet know that she will do her very best to touch as many souls as she possible can during your time together.
Please know that even if you do not receive a reading, messages can be Universal in nature and will touch more souls than just the person who may be receiving the reading on this night.
So we extend an invitation to you to join the circle of light and love with an opened mind and a loving heart as we all vibe together and open the doorway to the Spirit World for each of you during this time…….

Price to attend $25.00

Click on the Link to purchase tickets for Entertainment Purposes Only

No refunds are offered

There is a 4% service charge on all credit card purchases

Trance Channel Sessions with Trance Medium Patty Horton

The Gathering Lighthouse

26 N. Park Ave.

Lombard, Illinois 60148

Date TBA

  11:00 am to 1:00 pm

$40.00 to Attend

Patty Horton is a Trance Medium and on this day she will go into a full Trance State and allow one of her Spirit Guides to blend their energy fully with her own as she allows the Entity to entrance her. This simply means that Patty will allow the entity to use her body and her voice to speak to each of you who sits before her in this entranced state of being and answer a question of your own choosing.

Please know that this is a bond and a trust that she has created between herself and the Spirit World over the years of doing this work as she simply gets out of the way and becomes the vessel through entrancement for the messages to flow through. She will give up a sense of control so to speak as she surrenders to the process to allow this sacred part of herself to be revealed.

For years Patty has been working with the Spirit Guides and Master Teachers as a way to give those who sit with and before her for a reading clarity upon their own path in life. She has always incorporated a light state of trance to come through in her readings as she speaks to her clients in words that are not her own.

What to expect:

  1. You will see a shift, a transformation from Patty’s normal state of being as the entity entrances her. This can range from mild to animated as it depends upon who steps forth.
  2. Patty has no control on which entity will step forth as she just steps aside so to speak to allow entrancement to happen.
  3. The entities that work with Patty are from the highest of vibrations called The Council of Nine so no fear of a negative entity appearing as this is the agreement made between her and the spirit world.
  4. You will each get a chance to sit before her in this state of entrancement and ask “one” question of your own personal choosing be it on a soul’s level or a personal one. Keep your question one tiered please.
  5. No videotaping or recording by any of the participants is allowed yet know that Patty will be recording this session as all rights are reserved by her to do so.
  6. Before we begin there will be a Q&A Session to give you any clarification on what Trance is and how it works and what to expect.
  7. There will be a given set of instructions before the session starts as a sense of order is required to move everyone throughout this process while Patty is in a Trance State.

So with that being said Patty wants you all to know that Trance is a sacred part of her own soul’s journey and it is an honor to have her join us with this public offering as she channels for all of you on this day.

All that is asked of you is that you come to the session with an opened mind and a loving heart as you share in this sacred space and World of Trance Mediumship…..

Gallery is Limited to 10 Participants Only no Exceptions!!!

The best way to reserve your seat is to prepay as the seating is very limited......

There are no refunds offered for this Event and all sales are final

Click on the link to purchase tickets for entertainment purposes only

There is a 4% service fee for all Credit Card purchases

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