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Spiritual Awakenings Expo with Inner Eye Connections
March 18th, 2018 
Practioners will be added please check back for updates and thank you

Mixin Mingle
124 Cass St., Woodstock Illinois 60098
9:30 am to 5:30 pm 

Spiritual Awakenings Expo hosted by Inner Eye Connections

I am honored to be hosting a beautiful group of Mediums, Psychics, Intuitive’s & Healers who I have personally worked with and alongside of over the last few years.

On this day as we will open the door to serve the public as we each take this opportunity to spread our wings and do the work of own soul’s light. I feel privileged to sit beside each of them as we share space together and open the door for a day of Readings, Healings & a bit of Shopping.

I invite you to please join these very talented people as they give to you on this day guidance on a soul’s level. Their hope is to assist you with your everyday life as they provide the insights for you. They each will tune into the spirit world in their own unique way so as to access the divine guidance and wisdom that awaits you.

We are look forward to seeing and spending the day with each of you who choose to gather within this space of light and love…..


Patty Horton: 

Medium, Trance Medium and Spiritual Teacher Patty will be offering mediumship readings during your time together. She is humbled and honored as she is given the opportunity to channel for you on this day. She will open the doorway to the spirit world and read for you from a spiritual perspective as she connects with your Crossed over Loved One’s as well as the Spirit Guides and Teachers. This is a great opportunity to be read by Patty as her love of this work is felt by those who sit before her during a reading as she humbly embraces her own place upon the path….

June May Kortum:

A Psychic Medium, Development Teacher and Facilitator for over 50 years June is the owner of The Gathering Lighthouse and will be offering Mediumship Readings at the expo. She has a wealth of knowledge in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Psychic Development, and Mediumship classes. She specializes in making the mysterious understandable as she becomes the vessel for informational to flow through.

Deb Frueh

We are excited to have the very talented Deb Frueh as she opens the doorway and gives insight through the gift of the Tarot. Deb was introduced to the Tarot in a very unusual way and has been reading, teaching and developing new ways to read with them over the years. She has been reading professionally for 25 plus years now and her insights will knock your socks off. She is a teacher of the Tarot, Life and Business Coach, Tachyon Reiki Master Practioner and budding Numerologist. If you are a fan of the Tarot then stop by and sit with Deb for a reading as she offers you insights into your life using the cards as her guide…..


We are honored to have Shelly who is a 20-year practicing Norse Pagan Witch. She will be offering a 3 Stone Rune Reading to those who sit at her table on this day as she gives you guidance from the runes perspective. She also has a collection of hand crafted and binded rune jewelry for sale. Each piece of her jewelry has been cleansed, blessed and charged with good energy. Shelly takes great pride in her work as she follows the simple path and principles of Paganism. It is through her work, readings and understanding of Paganism that she shares her gift with all of you. Please get there early to check out Shelly’s great vibrations as she offers to the seekers a different perspective through her gift of readings and offerings on this day!!!


Ginger Adams

With Love she offers Energy called mini Reconnective Healing Sessions ! Virginia, otherwise known as "Ginger" will provide a taste of a powerful healing modality...

Virginia “Ginger Adams is a gifted Energy Healer. She will be facilitating powerful mini Reconnective Healing Sessions. Ginger enters into a space of pure allowance becoming the vessel (vehicle) from which your “healing” experience is poured out. Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hearings during these sessions


The beautiful Becky will be offering mini Reiki Sessions that you will not want to miss out on. She gives you a sense of privacy as she invites you to sit within her space peacefully lulled by Reiki Music as she transforms the energetic vibrations through her gift of healing. Becky is a kind and gentle soul who naturally allows the flow of Reiki Energy to come through her and out of her hands. Her job as the vessel is simple and your job as the recipient is the same. All you need to do is surrender, allow and accept as she transcends time and space for a beautiful healing session.


Ann's Gifts:
Ann will have a table full of trinkets to choose from. She will have some cool hemp pieces along with a bit of silver jewelry and some crystal pieces. She will have some body jewelry as well for the artistic souls who like to express themselves through their piercings. She will also have some incense for sale and a few other cool things on her table.....

I look forward to spending the day with this talented bunch of people as we invite you to join us for a morning of enlightenment…..

Each practitioner will have their own individual pricing on this day and all services will be paid directly to them for each session of choice...Admission into the Expo is Free

Special Expo Event

Mediumship Demonstration with

Patty Horton from Inner Eye Connections & June May Kortum from The Gathering Lighthouse

Fall Date TBA

Ticket Price $10.00

I am honored to present to you Patty Horton with Inner Eye Connections and June May Kortum from The Gathering Lighthouse as they gift to you a very special one hour gallery event and channel your loved ones for you. 

They have graciously joined together for this very special one hour event to give to you the seeker an opportunity to sit within the gallery and experience Mediumship at its finest. You will want to get your tickets early to sit within the space as these two amazing mediums will tune into the spirit world and deliver messages to some of those who sit within the gallery. 

There will only be 40 tickets available for a very special price that will be offered to those attending the expo.

You do not want to miss a chance to be a part of something very special as they both become the vessel for spirit to work through.

Please know that not everyone is guaranteed a reading at a Demo Event yet know that thet will do their very best to touch as many souls as they possibly can during your time together.
Please know that even if you do not receive a reading, messages can be Universal in nature and will touch more souls than just the person who may be receiving the reading on this day.

Get your Tickets Today @ the link below

There are only 40 tickets available for this Special Event

Mediumship Demonstration with Patty Horton & June May Kortum
Click on the link to purchase your tickets all sales are final

The Mediumship Demonstration is Officially Sold Out.....Please come to the Expo and have a reading or a healing with one of our practitioners we will all be there for the day!!!

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