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It is in the Stillness that we are Heard, Meditation is the way........

Unconditional Love by Patrica Horton


What this book will teach you is how to identify and connect to unconditional love. It will guide you and assist you in accessing this beautiful gift for yourself. It will teach you how to recognize the relationships in your life that need to be healed so that you can move on from the pain that they have caused you.

Through 4 simple steps you will begin to understand the importance of recognizing them and why it will benefit you to release them. You will learn that change is a good thing and the importance of forgiveness of self and others. You will learn why you need to detach yourself from those feelings and begin to see with clarity the layers of love that are revealed to you as you go through this process.

The book design and cover were created by a local artist, Ryan Mucha

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Awaken to the Beauty of your Own Inner Light, Guided Meditation....Digital Down load

Take a journey with Patty as you awaken to the beauty and power that resides within you. This guided meditation will immerse and bathe the physical body in light as you raise your own vibration through color, sound and guided imagery all the while invoking the I Am Presence that resides within you. This powerful meditation can be used daily or for an energy boost to maintain a balance within your everyday life. Enjoy your journey as you Awaken to the Beauty of your Own Inner Light.....

This Digital Down Load can be done at:

You can down load this meditation directly from and move the file into any of your music library's or go to Amazon, iTunes, Google and more to purchase a digital download of this beautiful meditation....
CD Baby is the best way to hear a sample of this Meditation, just click on the link above to be redirected.